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Meta Biomed NETC Non Eugenol Temporary Cement

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  • Temporary Cementation of crown&bridges
  • Base-Zinc Oxide.
  • Catalyst-Rosin, Nonanoic acid.

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Meta Biomed NETC Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement


  • Temporary Cementation of crown&bridges.


  • Base-Zinc Oxide.
  • Catalyst-Rosin, Nonanoic acid.


  • Paste-paste tube type.
  • Working time:1.5 min.
  • Setting time: 5min.
  • Especially suitable for patients who are sensitive to eugenol.


  • Base 60g(Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil), catalyst 20g(Rosin) – Big Size.
  • Base 40g, Catalyst 14g.
  • Mixing Pad.
  • Weight : 160g / 120g.
  • Dimension : 64*141*28(mm) (64*106*28(mm).

More Information

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Type Of Cement Non-Eugenol Cement, Temporary Cement
Type of Curing In Cement Self Cure
Cement Dispensing Form Powder & Liquid Form
A shade of Cement A2 Shade, Not Specified, Universal Shade
Brand Not Specified

  • Base 60g(Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil)

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  1. Alfredo Austin

    Base-Zinc Oxide.

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