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Waldent Camphor Mono Chlorophenol (CMCP)

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Waldent Camphor Mono Chlorophenol (CMCP)

Waldent Camphor Mono Chlorophenol (CMCP) solutions are primarily used in endodontics for root canal disinfection, typically during root canal therapy procedures. The solution is used to disinfect the internal spaces of the tooth’s root canals, removing any bacteria, debris, and infected tissue that may be present. The antimicrobial properties of the solution help reduce the risk of reinfection and promote healing.The solution is known for its antimicrobial and disinfectant properties.


  • Disinfection after pulpectomy and pulp dressing.
  • Treatment of post-traumatic inflammation.
  • For the treatment of infected teeth root canals in case of complicated Pulpitis, Apicoectomy, and Periodontitis.


  • Antimicrobial Efficacy: CMCP solutions are formulated to exhibit potent antimicrobial properties, effectively targeting and eliminating bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms present within the root canal system.
  • Broad Spectrum Action: The solution may have a broad-spectrum effect, addressing a wide range of microorganisms commonly found in endodontic infections.
  • Camphor Solubilization: Camphor, a component of the solution, aids in the solubilization of the active ingredient, para chlorophenol, allowing for better penetration into the intricate root canal anatomy.
  • Parachlorophenol Action: The presence of parachlorophenol contributes to the solution’s bactericidal action, effectively reducing bacterial load within the root canal.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Component: Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This addition can help manage inflammation within the treated area, promoting patient comfort.
  • Antiseptic Additives: The inclusion of antiseptic components like thymol and camphor enhances the disinfection process, contributing to a more sterile environment within the root canal system.
  • Compatibility: The solution is designed to be compatible with other endodontic materials, allowing for effective integration into the overall treatment process.
  • Safe Application: Waldent ensure that CMCP solutions are formulated and packaged in a way that minimizes risks to both dental professionals and patients when used as directed.
  • Professional Use: CMCP solutions are intended for professional use by licensed dentists and endodontists who have the necessary training and expertise in performing root canal procedures.
  • Post-Treatment Benefits: Effective disinfection using CMCP solutions contributes to a higher likelihood of successful treatment outcomes, reduced chances of post-operative infections, and improved patient comfort.

Key specifications:


  • Camphorated Parachlorophenol: This is a mixture of para chlorophenol, which acts as an antibacterial agent, and camphor, which helps in solubilizing para chlorophenol and also has mild analgesic properties.
  • Dexamethasone: Dexamethasone for its anti-inflammatory effects.


  • Close the container tightly after each use.
  • Keep in a cool place (10 to 25°C).


  • 1 x 15ml Bottle


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