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Prime Dental Restorite Modelling Resin

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Prime Dental Restorite Modelling Resin offers a pioneering solution for composite sculpting in dental restorations. Formulated with a low viscosity methacrylate base, this light-cured resin revolutionizes the application process, addressing the inherent stickiness associated with traditional composites. Designed to facilitate precise placement and effortless manipulation of composite materials, Restorite Modelling Resin enhances workflow efficiency and outcome precision. Its unique composition allows it to seamlessly wet instruments, enabling clinicians to sculpt restorations with unparalleled ease and accuracy. The product boasts a user-friendly procedure, wherein a few drops are dispensed into a mixing well or pad before being applied to the prepared site. Following curing, which requires a mere 20 seconds, subsequent composite layers adhere seamlessly, ensuring structural integrity and longevity of the restoration. Prime Dental emphasizes safety through its formulation, with precautions against potential sensitivities, ensuring patient well-being. Additionally, proper storage and disposal guidelines underscore the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Available in a convenient 5ml triangular squeeze bottle, Prime Dental Restorite Modelling Resin embodies innovation, reliability, and efficiency, revolutionizing composite sculpting in modern dental practice.


  • Low viscosity methacrylate-based resin
  • Specifically designed for composite sculpting
  • Addresses tackiness associated with traditional composites
  • Facilitates precise placement and manipulation
  • Quick curing time of 20 seconds
  • Enhances workflow efficiency
  • Compatible with various composite materials

Key Specification:

  • Resin Type: Methacrylate-based
  • Viscosity: Low
  • Curing Method: Light-cured
  • Application: Composite sculpting
  • Indications: Composite wetting resin
  • Precautions: Sensitizing potential, allergic reactions
  • Procedure: Dispense, apply, sculpt, cure


  • 1 x 5ml Triangular Squeeze Bottle


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