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Prime Dental Restorite Flow Viscous Composite

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Prime Dental Restorite Flow Viscous, a revolutionary dental restorative material designed to meet the highest standards of performance and patient care. With an exceptionally high filler content comprising 77% by weight, Restorite Flow Viscous sets a new standard in dental restoration technology.

Crafted without Bis-GMA, Restorite Flow Viscous ensures optimal patient safety and comfort. Its non-dripping formula guarantees precise application, facilitating ease of use for dental professionals. The product’s superior flowability, even in undercuts, simplifies the restoration process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy during application. Restorite Flow Viscous boasts outstanding compatibility with a wide range of composites, adhesive systems, and bonding agents, ensuring seamless integration into existing dental protocols. Its natural color adaptation ensures aesthetically pleasing results, blending seamlessly with surrounding dentition for natural-looking restorations. This advanced dental material features high radiopacity, providing exceptional clarity in radiographic imaging for enhanced treatment safety. With a radiopacity of 210% Al, Restorite Flow Viscous offers unparalleled visibility, enabling precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

Indicated for various dental procedures, including fissure sealing, Black’s class V fillings (cervical caries, root erosion, V-shaped defects), and minimally invasive fillings of Black’s classes I, II, and III, Restorite Flow Viscous offers versatile solutions to a range of clinical scenarios. It also serves as an excellent option for correcting enamel defects, blocking out undercuts, and making smaller corrections to enamel form and color. Furthermore, Restorite Flow Viscous polishes quickly and easily, delivering exceptional surface gloss for superior aesthetic outcomes. Its innovative formulation prioritizes durability and longevity, ensuring long-lasting restorations that withstand the rigors of daily function.


  • High filler content (77% by weight)
  • Free of Bis-GMA
  • Non-dripping formulation
  • Exceptional flowability, even in undercuts
  • Compatible with most composites, adhesives, and bonding systems
  • Natural color adaptation
  • High radiopacity (210% Al) for enhanced treatment safety

Key Specification:

  • Filler Content: 77% by weight
  • Composition: Free of Bis-GMA
  • Flowability: Exceptional, even in undercuts
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most composites, adhesives, and bonding systems
  • Color Adaptation: Natural
  • Radiopacity: 210% Al
  • Polishing: Quick and easy


  • 1 x 2g Syringe


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