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Prime Dental RC Soft

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Prime Dental RC Soft is a specialized softening agent tailored for phenolic resin-based root canal sealants. It streamlines the reopening of filled root canals, adhering to stringent endodontic standards. The operative field must be meticulously isolated, ideally using a rubber dam, as per root canal therapy guidelines. Mechanical cleaning of the pulp chamber and canals precedes the application of RC Soft, which is carefully administered into the chamber. Instruments, including probes and broaches, are dipped into RC Soft before insertion, ensuring effective softening. Prompt removal and wiping of instruments upon encountering resistance are crucial. RC Soft should not extend beyond the canal apex. Safety precautions include avoiding eye contact and proper ventilation. Dispose of RC Soft and its container as hazardous waste. Storage in a cool, dark place preserves its effectiveness. Prime Dental RC Soft ensures precise, safe endodontic procedures, facilitating optimal patient outcomes.


  • Specifically for phenolic resin-based sealants
  • Facilitates easy reopening of filled root canals
  • Complements standard root canal therapy
  • Encourages thorough isolation of the operative field
  • Features easy drop application
  • Ensures effective instrument softening and canal clearance
  • Includes safety precautions and disposal instructions
  • Designed for cool, dark storage

Key Specification:

  • Composition: Phenolic resin-based softening agent
  • Intended Use: Softening sealed root canals for reopening
  • Operative Field Isolation: Recommended with rubber dam
  • Cleaning Procedure: Mechanical cleaning of pulp chamber and canals
  • Application Method: Drop application into the pulp chamber
  • Disposal: Hazardous waste disposal required
  • Storage: Store away from sunlight in cool, dry place
  • Efficacy: Facilitates precise endodontic procedures


  • 1 x 15ml Glass Bottle


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