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Prime Dental i Post Endodontic Metal Post Refills

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Prime-Dental i-post is used in one of the important stages in endodontic therapy i.e. is to restore the tooth with a stable restoration for mastication and aesthetic purpose. Post & core helps to restore the tooth to normal anatomy. Every tooth which is endodontically treated need not be treated with a post. The main function of the post is to give retention to the core. It does not strengthen the tooth. Whenever a clinician feels that coronal filling is not having sufficient retention, one can opt for the post. There is no clear-cut clinical guideline to decide the indication for the post. But many times more than approx 30% to 40% destruction needs a post.

For the convenience, follow these guidelines while using i-Post :-

  • Achieve coronal seal: – as early as possible. (within 1 to 3 months).
  • Ferrule effect is mandatory – for resistance and retention form.
  • Crown margins should end 1 to 2 mm below the core material or on a sound tooth/root structure.
  • Passive, parallel design is the best.
  • Threaded–tapered design is disastrous.
  • Cast posts are the best but the procedure is technique sensitive & dependent on impression procedure and laboratory.
  • Post which compensates the anatomical coronal flare is recommended.
  • Amalgam could be the best alternative to improved composite resins in subgingival destruction.
  • Cementation of the post – post design / length is the key to success.
  • Luting cement can be zinc phosphate / flowable composite resins or dual cure cement.
  • Clinical success of the post depends on length, size, design & ferrule effect.

Indications Of i-Post :

  • Clinicians desire:- whenever coronal filling needs additional retention, one may decide to place a post.
  • One may decide according to the tooth structure available after removal of the entire carious lesion
  • One may decide after anticipating the amount of tooth structure that would be available after crown preparation.
  • Abutments of f.P.D. & r.P.D.S,
  • Mandibular Incisors
  • Teeth having cervical cavities
  • If the destruction of the tooth is more than 30% To 40%


  • 00 % indigenous – Indian
  • Prefabricated – ready to use
  • Inbuilt flare to compensate for anatomic coronal flare.
  • Strong – solid metal
  • Stable – due to design
  • Better prognosis
  • User-friendly – matches with peeso drill # 2, # 3, # 4, and # 5.
  • Pointed tip and easy identification
  • Readily available

Key Specification:


  • To select the size of post – select the size of peeso that fits without resistance.
  • Please check manually whether Peeso is making a full turn.
  • One may practically place the selected post on the radiograph of the indicated tooth to confirm the approximate size (at least 1mm of root dentin thickness should be available around the post)


  • Ideal post length must be more than 2/3rd the tooth length (more than the root length)
  • Measure tooth length i.e from cusp tip to root apex (W.L). Calculate 2/3rd of this length and add 2 mm
  • One should avoid to put a post in the apical 4mm of area.  Post length = WL – 5mm
  • The post should end at 4mm below the bony crest in a periodontally compromised case


  • 1 x 10 i-post refills


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