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Meta Gutta Percha Points Special Taper – 4%

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Meta Gutta Percha Points Special Taper – 4% are advanced dental obturation points designed for root canal therapy. Composed of the finest Gutta Percha, these points exhibit exceptional biocompatibility, remaining inert and non-reactive with body fluids. Their dimensional stability ensures minimal expansion or shrinkage, occurring only during phase transformation. With excellent ductility and malleability, the points are stiff yet flexible, offering optimal working qualities during procedures. Uniformly hand-rolled into 4% tapering cones, they provide easy manipulation and ideal apical sealing, critical for preventing reinfection. The points’ beta phase Gutta Percha composition, combined with excellent radiopacity, ensures visibility on X-rays for accurate assessment. Suitable for both vertical and lateral condensation techniques, these points assure a uniform and non-distorting crimp. With a long shelf life and freshness assurance, Meta Gutta Percha Points Special Taper – 4% stand as a reliable choice for endodontic procedures, meeting the highest standards of quality and efficacy.


  • Used to obturate or fill the root canals of teeth after biomechanical preparation of canals to prevent reinfection.


  • Easy manipulation with ample working time.
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Able to seal the canal perfectly
  • Impervious to moisture and nonporous.
  • Unaffected by tissue fluids and insoluble in tissue fluids.
  • Radio-Opaque.
  • Does not cause tooth discoloration
  • Easily and quickly sterilizable.


  • Biocompatibility: Highly Biocompatible, Does not react with body fluids.
  • Dimensionally stable: Expansion or shrinkage of material occurs only during phase transformation.
  • Excellent Ductility and Malleability.
  • Meta Gutta Points have a good Apical seal which is of prime importance in Obturation.
  • Made from the Finest Gutta Percha.
  • Stiff but flexible enough to provide ideal working qualities.
  • Uniform and non-distorting crimp.
  • Excellent radiopacity.
  • Long shelf life and freshness assured.
  • Suitable for vertical and lateral condensation.
  • Beta Phase Gutta Percha.
  • Uniformly hand-rolled into 4% tapering cones.

Key specifications:

  • Composition: Finest Gutta Percha
  • Taper: 4%
  • Storage: Long shelf life, freshness assurance.


  • Pack of 120 Gutta Percha Points



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