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Meta Endo Organizer With 400 Paper Points

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The Meta Endo Organizer offers a comprehensive solution for dental professionals seeking efficient organization and precise instrumentation during endodontic procedures. This meticulously designed organizer includes 400 paper points, ensuring an ample supply for various treatment needs. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, each paper point is of premium quality, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliable results.

Constructed with a focus on functionality, the Meta Endo Organizer features a sleek and compact design that maximizes space efficiency within dental workstations. Its intuitive layout allows for easy access and retrieval of paper points, streamlining the workflow and enhancing procedural efficiency. With designated compartments and a secure closure mechanism, this organizer ensures that paper points remain neatly organized and readily accessible at all times.

Moreover, the Meta Endo Organizer prioritizes hygiene and infection control, with materials chosen for their resistance to contamination and ease of sterilization. Dental practitioners can rely on this organizer to maintain a clean and sterile environment throughout endodontic procedures, promoting patient safety and clinical excellence.


  • Compact design for space-efficient organization
  • Includes 400 premium quality paper points
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Easy access and retrieval of paper points
  • Resistant to contamination, easy to sterilize
  • Enhances procedural efficiency during endodontic procedures
  • Promotes hygiene and infection control in dental practice

Key specifications:

  • Included Components:  400 paper points
  • Organizer Material: Durable, hygienic materials
  • Design: Sleek, compact design for space efficiency
  • Hygiene: Resistant to contamination, easy to sterilize


  • 1 x Endo Organizer with 400 paper points



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