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Ivoclar Vivadent Speed Cem Plus 9g TRANSPARENT Dental | Worldwide Delivery

Key Specifications:

Technical Specification:

Temperature approx. 23°C/73°F

  • Working time: 2 min approx.
  • Setting time: 6 min approx. (incl. working time)


  • Working time: 1 min approx.
  • Setting time: 3 min approx. (incl. working time)

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Speed CEM Plus Resin Cement is a versatile self-adhesive resin cement optimized for dental applications. Its standout characteristics include excellent self-cure performance, particularly ideal for zirconia and metal-ceramic restorations, making it a reliable choice for dental professionals. The user-friendly handling and efficient one-component design simplify the cementation process, streamlining procedures. Easy clean-up ensures a clean and precise work environment. Moreover, its high radiopacity facilitates X-ray differentiation for post-operative assessment. SpeedCEM Plus exhibits tolerant processing, effectively bonding to both moist and dry dentin, adding versatility to its application. Its scope extends to the permanent seating of crowns and bridges on natural teeth and implant abutments, encompassing various restorative materials such as zirconia, metal and metal-based restorations, and lithium disilicate glass ceramics. This resin cement combines performance and ease of use, offering dental professionals a reliable solution for restorative dentistry procedures.


  • Excellent Self-Cure Performance: Ideal for zirconia and metal-ceramics.
  • User-Friendly Handling: Simplifies the cementation process for dental professionals.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Facilitates a clean and precise work environment.
  • High Radiopacity: Enables clear differentiation in X-ray images for post-operative assessment.
  • Tolerant Processing: Adaptable to various clinical conditions and provides reliable bonding on moist and dry dentin.
  • Efficient Process: Single-component system streamlines procedures, saving time and effort.



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