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Ivoclar Skyce

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Skyce tooth jewelry offers a professional and stylish solution for enhancing smiles without the need for tooth preparation. These crystal glass stones come in two sizes (Ø 1.9 mm and Ø 2.4 mm) and are designed to be bonded to the labial surfaces of upper anterior teeth. The key advantages of Skyce include the use of tried-and-tested materials and the ability to bond the jewelry without any invasive tooth procedures, maintaining oral health. This product provides an option for individuals seeking to add a touch of sparkle to their smile without compromising their dental well-being. Additionally, dental practices can benefit from offering Skyce as an extension of their services, allowing them to recommend a trusted and professional system to their patients, ultimately enhancing the range of services they provide while catering to the cosmetic preferences of their clientele.


  • To be bonded to the labial surfaces of upper anterior teeth.


  • Bonding without preparation
  • Tried-and-tested materials are used
  • Oral health is maintained
  • You recommend a tried-and-tested system to your patients
  • The professional solution for a stylish tooth jewelry
  • Extension of the services your surgery offers

Key Specification:

  • Crystal Glass Stones: Made of high-quality crystal glass.
  • Sizes: Available in two sizes – Ø 1.9 mm and Ø 2.4 mm.
  • Material: Uses tried-and-tested materials, ensuring durability and safety.


Ivoclar Skyce 1.9 mm

  • Pack of 5



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