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Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Kit & Refills

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Ivoclar OptraSculpt Pad Kit & Refills offer dental professionals a comprehensive solution for precise contouring of composite restorations. Featuring foam pad attachments with a non-stick surface, the kit facilitates smooth and mark-free shaping. With versatility in pad sizes, it caters to applications ranging from direct veneers to large-surface Class III and IV restorations. The instrument handle includes reference scales, ensuring accurate alignment of anterior teeth and optimal aesthetic results. Operating at an optimum angle in the anterior region, the kit excels in adapting, shaping, and contouring uncured packable composites. It leaves no marks on restoration surfaces, contributing to even and aesthetically pleasing results. Indicated for Class III, IV, and V restorations, as well as direct laminate veneers, the OptraSculpt Pad Kit & Refills embody Ivoclar’s commitment to high-quality dental tools for achieving optimal anatomical shapes and long-term restoration success.


  • Suitable for adapting, shaping and contouring uncured packable composite and compomer materials in Class III, IV and V restorations and direct laminate veneers.


Easy adaptation:

  • Non-stick properties: reduce the stickiness of the composite versus the instrument
  • Compatibility: attachments are suitable for both instruments
  • Working angles are adjusted to the anterior and posterior regions

Professional esthetics:

  • No marks left by the instrument on the restoration surface
  • Reduction of air inclusions in the composite during application
  • Homogeneous surface texture

High efficiency:

  • Efficient, easy contouring due to specially adjusted attachment shapes
  • Reduced effort in finishing and polishing

Key Specification:

OptraSculpt Pad:

  • OptraSculpt Pad attachments: Polyethylene and EVA
  • OptraSculpt Pad hand instrument: Stainless steel and PEEK


Ivoclar Optrasculpt Kit

  • 120 x Optrasculpt Pads (4mm – 60 each & 6mm – 60 each)
  • 1 x Instrument

Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Refills 4mm Pack of 60  639792AN:

  • 60 x Optrasculpt Pads only (4mm Pad size)

Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Refills 6mm Pack of 60  639793AN:

  • 60 x Optrasculpt Pads only (6mm Pad size)

Ivoclar Optrasculpt Pad Instrument:

  • 1 x Optrasculpt Pad Instrument Pads only (Single-Ended)


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