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Ivoclar Fluor Protector Gel

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Fluor Protector Gel is a dental product with a potent formula aimed at enhancing oral health. Its key ingredients include fluoride, calcium, phosphate, xylitol, and provitamin D-panthenol. This comprehensive blend is designed to offer a range of benefits, including protection against dental caries, tooth erosion, and periodontal disease. It’s particularly useful for individuals with sensitive teeth, exposed tooth roots, those who consume acidic foods, or those undergoing orthodontic treatment. It’s also valuable for patients with a high risk of cavities, following professional teeth cleanings, with sensitive peri-implant tissue, and even during teeth whitening procedures. The gel’s advantages stem from its triple-action formula, ensuring the protection and repair of tooth structures against acid attacks. Xylitol inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for cavities, while its neutral pH contributes to a healthy oral environment. Its smooth consistency allows for optimal distribution of problem areas, and the fresh feeling it imparts promotes prolonged use. Fluor Protector Gel offers a versatile and effective solution for maintaining and improving oral health.



  • Fluor Protector Gel: Dental product for strong teeth, preventing cavities, tooth erosion, and gum health. Ideal for sensitive teeth, acid-food consumers, orthodontic patients, and more. Contains fluoride, calcium, phosphate, xylitol, and provitamin D-panthenol for a well-rounded dental care solution


    • 1450 ppm fluoride with calcium and phosphate
    • Xylitol inhibits carious degeneration
    • Provitamin D-Panthenol helps strengthen the gingiva
    • Neutral pH
    • Smooth consistency
    • Low abrasion
    • Low foam formation
    • Mint flavour
    • Protects tooth from dissolution by acids
    • Inhibits growth of cariogenic bacteria
    • Suitable for erosions
    • Gentle to worn out teeth and sensitive soft tissues
    • More sustained action

Key Specification:

Technical Specification:

Component Wt%
Water, Xylitol & Thickener 97
Potassium fluoride (1450 ppm of fluoride) 0.45
Calcium glycerophosphate >1.0
D-Panthenol >1.0
Additives, Flavoring agents, Stabilizers >2.0


  • 1 x 50gm Tube


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