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Goodwill Hemosponge 20x20x7mm Absorbable Gelatin Sponge

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Hemosponge DENTAL XL

HEMOSPONGE is a sterile, gelatin-based foam, intended for application to bleeding surfaces as a local hemostatic in surgical procedures whenever suturing, pressure or other conventional methods of control are either not possible to use it is too time-consuming.

It is widely used for arresting bleeding following tooth extraction. It may also be used in other oral surgeries and in areas where the small size of the sponge is an advantage, e.g., epistaxis.

How Hemosponge works:

The spongy structure of the Hemosponge provides a surface to thrombocytes oozing blood, enabling thrombocytes to release a series of substances and promoting self-aggregation. At the same time, it also makes thrombocytes act as a catalyst for the formation of fibrin, activating the cascade of blood coagulation.


  • Effectively stop all kinds of oozing blood (capillary, parenchymal, or arteriovenous).
  • Can hold around 35 – 40 times its own weight of blood/body fluids within its matrix.
  • pH neutral and can be impregnated with a wide variety of pharmaceuticals/biologics.
  • Manufactured from highly purified gelatin (collagen-derived protein).
  • Non-toxic, non-allergic, and biocompatible.
  • Liquefies within 3 – 4 days when placed in the mucosal cavity.
  • Completely biodegradable (metabolized by proteolytic enzymes) and absorb in the body within 4-6 weeks when placed in tissues.
  • Manufactured in HEPA-filtered clean rooms with environmentally and microbiologically monitored air.
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation after final packaging to destroy any microorganisms without negatively affecting the physical properties of the product.
  • Double-packed for assurance of sterility.
  • Supplied in the form of READY-TO-USE. No need to resterilize the product before its use.
  • Complies with US Pharmacopoeia standards.
Key Specification:


  • Hemosponge should be stored between 15-30 °C, in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Goodwill Hemosponge 20x20x7 MM Absorbable Gelatin Sponge – AGS227

  • Pack of 20


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