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GC Impreceed Alginate Powder Impression Material

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Impreceed is a high-precision alginate impression material for detailed reproduction of dental impressions.

Impreceed is a dust free alginate, with normal working & setting time and is indicated for removable prothesis, study models, antagonists in the fixed and removable prosthesis. It exhibits fast absorption of water and enhances the ease of mix. The final mix of the impression material is a homogenous mass with smooth and compact surfaces. The impression can be stored for a long time before pouring the casts.

Impreceed has simple and fast mixing properties with a normal setting. The new impreceed powder is incorporated rapidly into water through enhanced powder-water affinity, allowing more spatulation time to obtain a smooth bubble-free mix within 20 seconds. The reliable properties of impreceed remain unchanged.

Indications :

  • Orthodontic models
  • Study models
  • Temporary crown & bridges impression
  • Antagonist models in the fixed and removable prosthesis

Advantages :

  • Elastic impression
  • Optimum dimensional stability
  • High precision for detailed reproduction of dental anatomy

Note :

  • The setting time includes the mixing time and the minimum manipulation time.
  • This is based on the mixing at 23°C with distilled or deionized water.
  • Higher temperatures of the mixing water will shorten the setting time and total working time.
  • Variations in hardness of the water may influence the setting time.


  • Accurate Impression: Easy-mixing of Impreceed results in a creamy, bubble-free consistency that captures details accurately.
  • Optimal Thixotropic Property: Impreceed provides a balance of good drip resistance and fluidity to effectively provide coverage enabling detailed impression-taking with minimal discomfort to the patient.
  • Smooth Model Surface: Impreceed has good compatibility with hard stones producing smooth and precise detail reproduction on the gypsum model.

Key specifications:

Physical Properties:

  • Setting Types: Normal
  • Compressive Strengths: 0.7 MPa
  • Strain in Compression: 14.6%
  • Recovery From Deformation: 97.4%

Working Time:

  • Mixing Time: 20-30s
  • Minimum Time in Mouth: 120s
  • Setting Time: 180s


  • 1 x Impreceed Impression Material (454gm)



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