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GC Everstick( Perio 8cm)

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GC Everstick Periodontal splinting with everStickPERIO is a highly effective and versatile component of periodontal treatment. It has been proven that teeth with a healthy but severely reduced periodontium can be maintained using splints or fixed bridges. One significant advantage of everStickPERIO is its elastic modulus, which closely matches that of dentine. The flexural strength of the everStick® fiber is as high as that of cast chrome cobalt metal, and the elastic modulus of everStickPERIO is very similar to that of natural dentine. This close match in elasticity between the fibers and the surrounding periodontal tissue can be beneficial, as it allows for more natural loading of the supportive tissues. Using everStickPERIO can greatly improve the quality of life for patients. By immobilizing periodontally compromised teeth effectively, it provides a fixed solution that allows patients to eat and smile without difficulty. This significant improvement in function enhances the overall quality of life for individuals with periodontal issues. The use of everStick fibers offers convenience and ease of handling. Unlike many other fibers, ever Stick fibers do not fray and are straightforward to position and manipulate. The simple placement steps make the procedure quick and easy for dental professionals.

In the event of a change in the treatment plan, everStickPERIO provides flexibility. Splints can be re-activated, remodeled, or repaired without the need for complete removal. If an extension to the splint is required or if a replaced tooth needs to be incorporated, the unique IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) structure of everStickPERIO allows for remodeling without compromising the integrity of the splint.


  • Quick, clean, and simple – just cut with scissors and place, fibres remain smooth and do not fray
  • Comfortable for the patient – smooth and highly aesthetic
  • Supports teeth effectively – doesn’t cause torsional stresses or act as an unintended orthodontic appliance
  • Superior durability – doesn’t attract plaque or stain
  • Easy to remove when necessary

Key specifications:

  • Ease of Use: The product can be easily cut with scissors and placed, making it a quick and straightforward procedure.
  • Smooth and Non-Fraying Fibers: The fibers in GC everStickPERIO remain smooth and do not fray, ensuring a clean and precise application.
  • Patient Comfort: The material is designed to be smooth and highly aesthetic, providing a comfortable experience for the patient.
  • Effective Tooth Support: GC everStickPERIO supports teeth effectively without causing torsional stresses or unintended orthodontic effects.
  • Superior Durability: The material is highly durable and does not attract plaque or stain, ensuring a long-lasting solution for patients.
  • Easy Removal: When necessary, GC everStickPERIO can be easily removed, offering convenience for dental professionals.


  • 1 x 8cm EverStickPerio



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