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D-Tech Twist Pro SLB With Wire Set

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D-Tech Twist Pro is SLB Self ligating metal bracket system with ultra-smooth slot for efficient sliding mechanics. The bracket body has an auxiliary rectangular slot for an additional wire engagement.  Door of the bracket rotates and locks in both open and close positions. Mesial/distal cut-outs create increased inter-bracket span to fully express the wire. Slot of the bracket is both passive & active with four point torque control in larger dimension wires. Twist pro brackets are designed with smooth round edges for patient comfort.


  • Rounded edges for patient comfort
  • Horizontol auxiliary slot
  • Vetical slot U 1, 2, 4, 5 & L1, 2, 4, 5
  • Fixed hook on U3/ L3

Key specifications:

  • Brand – D-Tech
  • Prescription – MBT
  • Slot size – 022
  • Material – Metal


  • 1 x Bracktet kit (20 pcs)
  • Stage 1 Archwires (Alignment wires) –1 x Upper 0.014, 1 x Lower 0.014, 1 x Upper 0.016, 1 x Lower 0.016, 1 x Upper 16×22, 1 x Lower  16×22
  • Stage 2 Archwires (Working wires) – 1 x Upper 0.018, 1 x Lower 0.018
  • Stage 3 Archwires (Finishing wires) – 1 x Upper 17×25, 1 x Lower 17×25, 2 x Upper 19X25, 2 x Upper 19X25



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