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D-Tech Lute Plus Strontium Glass Ionomer Cement

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Dtech Lute Plus Glass Ionomer Cement Type 1 Luting Cement is a radiopaque glass polyalkeonate chemically cured strontium based glass ionomer cement ideal for basic routine luting of metal-based restorations. It provides excellent adhesion to both tooth and metal. Biocompatibility and a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion reduces the risk of post-operative sensitivity. Good mixing properties results in a smooth creamy mix with good flow. Film thickness of just 15 microns makes complete seating of crowns easy. Extended working time with sharp set. Long term fluoride release.

It Provides excellent chemical bond to enamel and dentin while its extremely low film thickness optimizes fit and marginal integrity.

Indications :

  • Luting of metal – based crowns,bridges,inlays and onlays.
  • Luting of high-strength all ceramic crowns and bridges.
  • Luting of metals-based and high strength all-ceramic crowns and bridges on implants abutments.
  • Luting of metal root posts or indirect metal post core build-ups.
  • Luting of prefabricated steel crowns.
  • Luting of orthodontics bands.
  • Base or liner


  • Low post operative sensitivity
  • Releases fluoride
  • Provides excellent adhesion of prosthesis with dentine
  • Ultra-Thin Film – Ultra fine particles (d50 – 5 microns) enable a thin film & excellent flow for a good luting cement
  • Extended Working Time – Cement remains in fluidic state up to 2 mins from start of mixing, giving the practitioner sufficient time for loading the cement and placement of Crown.
  • Accurate Dispensing – Dropper with metered dose enables accurate dispensing with ideal powder to Liquid ratio using 1 scoop of tapped powder & 2 drops of liquid.
  • High Radiopacity – High Radiopacity allows for better Post-Operative Checks.
  • Impermeable Glass Bottle – Powder is packed in a pharma grade Glass bottle with cap.

Key specifications:

Technical Data:

Mixing Time 30-45 seconds
Working Time 2 minutes
Setting Time 4 minutes
  • Shelf life : 2 years from date of manufacture


  • 1 x Bottle of 12 gm lute plus – Powder
  • 1 x squeeze bottle of 9 ml lute plus – Liquid
  • 1 x Mixing pad
  • 1 x Spoon




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