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Diadent Paper Point Special Tapered 6%

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DiaDent Paper Point Special Tapered 6% is an essential tool in endodontic therapy, designed for efficient drying and removal of foreign materials from root canals. These specialized paper points are meticulously tapered and millimeter-marked, ensuring accurate depth measurements for precise obturation. With a diameter tolerance of + and – .029, they guarantee completeness and accuracy in the obturation process. Hand-rolled for extra absorbency, these points are rigid enough to maintain their shape during insertion into canals, preventing curling or bending. Each point is individually sterilized, coming in color-coded packaging for easy identification. The 6% taper adds versatility, allowing for effective use in various canal sizes. Awarded ISO 9001 and CE Certification, DiaDent Paper Points meet high standards of design, manufacturing, and quality assurance, providing dental professionals with a reliable and efficient solution for endodontic procedures.


  • Versatile Taper: 6% taper for adaptability to various canal sizes.
  • Millimeter Markings: Facilitates precise depth measurements during obturation.
  • Diameter Tolerance: and – .029 tolerance ensures complete and accurate obturation.
  • High Absorbency: Highly absorbent design for effective moisture removal.
  • Hand-Rolled Construction: Ensures rigidity, preventing curling or bending during use.
  • Sterilized Individual Packaging: Individually sterilized for hygiene and infection control.
  • Color-Coded : Simplifies identification for streamlined workflow.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a range of canal dimensions in endodontic procedures.

Key Specification:

  • Markings: Millimeter-marked for accurate depth measurements.
  • Diameter Tolerance: + and – .029 for precise obturation.
  • Absorbency: Highly absorbent for complete drying of the entire canal.
  • Construction: Hand-rolled for extra absorbency, rigidity, and prevention of curling or bending.
  • Sterilization: Individually sterilized, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Packaging: Color-coded packaging for easy identification.
  • Versatility: 6% taper allows for effective use in various canal sizes.


  • Pack of 100 Paper Point


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