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Dentsply WaveOne Gold Rotary Files Assorted

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Dentsply WaveOne Gold Rotary Files is the latest generation of reciprocating technology developed by Dentsply Sirona Endodontics in collaboration with four endodontic key opinion leaders. This new solution represents one of the pillars of Dentsply Sirona Endodontics’s “Choose Your Endo Solution” concept, along with ProTaper Next for continuous rotation. WaveOne Gold, as the successor of WaveOne, keeps the same philosophy of simplicity as the first generation that was launched in 2011, with strong additional benefits that enhance the confidence level of dentists.

Same WaveOne Philosophy

  • A single file (Primary size) for the majority of canals (~80%)
  • Same reciprocating motion (Compatibility XS+ / iQ WaveOne settings)
  • Single patient use policy (anti‐sterilization ABS ring)
  • A complete solution with dedicated obturation products, including variable tapered gutta‐percha points specially molded to fit canals prepared with WaveOne Gold files.


  • Increases patient safety,* while reducing shaping time across a wide range of cases**
  • Optimized with enhanced design features by leading endodontists
  • Part of a complete solution that includes obturation products designed to match the shapes created by WaveOne® Gold files
  • The WaveOne® Gold family now includes a single glide path file with reciprocating motion for simplicity from the start
  • The WaveOne® Gold Glider is only for use in reciprocating motion with compatible Dentsply Sirona motors. Helpful pre-programmed motor settings are available.

Reinforces patient safety

  • Primary WaveOne® Gold file is 50% more resistant to cyclic fatigue than WaveOne® Primary file
  • Reduced screwing effect** compared to standard rotary systems

Covers a wider* range of canal morphologies

  • Enhanced file flexibility thanks to the Gold technology
  • Extended size range (Small, Primary, Medium, Large)

Shortens the shaping time

  • Takes the cutting efficiency to a higher level
  • A single file per treatment also translates into time savings for canal shaping and irrigation

Key Specifications:

Engineered with the latest reciprocating technology:

  • GOLD treatment
  • Reciprocating motion
  • Variable taper
  • Evolving cross-section
  • Optimized tip


Waveone Gold Rotary Files Assorted

  •  Pack of 4 (Small, Primary ,Medium & Large )


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