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Dentsply SmartLite Focus – Pen Style LED Curing Light

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Dentsply SmartLite Focus Curing Light is a cordless pen-style, LED light polymerization device for use by trained dental professionals in dental offices or dental laboratories.  Light curing is an essential procedural step in the placement of composite resin restorations, and ensuring adequate energy delivery to the base of the restoration is critical for success. Many curing lights deliver less than 35% of their stated output to the floor of a Class II proximal box. SmartLite Focus Pen Style LED Curing Light uses a collimated light beam and homogenous profile to deliver light energy uniformly down to clinically relevant depths, has excellent intra oral access, is lightweight and simple to operate. The SmartLite Focus optics reduces divergency and ensures a homogeneous beam profile. This ensures the recommended depth of cure for most light curing restoratives. SmartLite Focus is instantly ready to use upon purchase without the need of initial charging. The SmartLite Replaceable Battery Pack offers stable energy output even after prolonged storage.

The SmartLite Focus “Smart Recharge Technology” checks the curing light’s battery conditions and initiates the appropriate charging mode:

  • Automatic Quick Charging Mode” Provides at least 5 min. curing time after 10 min. charging when the battery is nearly empty
  • Standard Charging Mode” Regains full capacity in less than 3 hrs.
  • Standby Mode” Prevents overcharging upon reaching full capacity


  • Small size and lightweight ergonomic design
  • Compact cordless design with convenient handling features and exchangeable battery pack
  • Smart battery charging mechanism with virtually permanent light operating availability.
  • Slim pen-style design with a long, rotatable tip and one button control, activating a 20 sec. curing cycle.
  • Individually adjusted LED tip, rotatable by 360 degrees.
  • Polymerisation area of minimum 7.5mm in diameter.

Key specifications:

  • Device Type: Cordless pen-style LED light polymerization device
  • Intended Users: Trained dental professionals in dental offices or dental laboratories
  • Application: Used in the placement of composite resin restorations for light curing
  • Energy Delivery: Delivers light energy uniformly down to clinically relevant depths
  • Optics: Utilizes collimated light beam and homogeneous profile to ensure uniform energy distribution
  • Intraoral Access: Provides excellent intraoral access for reaching challenging areas
  • Weight: Lightweight design for comfortable handling during procedures
  • Operation: Simple and easy to operate
  • Divergence Reduction: Optics reduce divergence, resulting in a homogeneous beam profile
  • Depth of Cure: Ensures the recommended depth of cure for most light-curing restoratives
  • Ready-to-Use: Instantly ready to use upon purchase, no initial charging required
  • Battery: Replaceable Battery Pack with stable energy output, even after prolonged storage
  • Smart Recharge Technology: Monitors battery conditions and initiates appropriate charging mode


  • 1 x SmartLite Focus handpiece
  • 1 x SmartLite Focus Charging Base
  • 1 x SmartLite Focus Battery Pack
  • 5 x SmartLite Focus Shields
  • 300 x SmartLite Sleeves
  • 1 x SmartLite Focus Power Connector
  • 1 x Instructions for Use
  • 1 x Material Curing Guide



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