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Dentsply Rotary PathFile 25mm

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Dentsply PathFile 25mm is a revolutionary NiTi (nickel-titanium) rotary solution designed specifically for establishing a predictable glide path in dentistry. Recognized as one of Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products, PathFile offers a range of features that enhance flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue, providing numerous advantages over traditional manual stainless steel files. One of the key benefits of PathFile is its remarkable flexibility, which surpasses that of manual K-files. This increased flexibility allows for smoother navigation through the intricate canal systems of teeth, reducing the risk of iatrogenic damage and improving overall treatment outcomes. By offering enhanced flexibility, PathFile ensures better adaptation to curved canals, where traditional files may struggle to reach and shape effectively. Moreover, PathFile’s resistance to cyclic fatigue is significantly improved compared to manual stainless steel files. This means that the files can withstand repetitive use without experiencing structural deterioration or breakage. By maintaining their integrity, PathFile files provide consistent and reliable performance throughout the treatment procedure, contributing to more predictable and successful outcomes.

In addition to their flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue, PathFile files offer several other advantages over manual K-files. They provide a faster instrumentation time, enabling dental professionals to complete procedures more efficiently. This time-saving feature is particularly beneficial for complex cases or situations where multiple canals need to be treated. Furthermore, PathFile files exhibit reduced canal transportation compared to manual K-files. Canal transportation refers to the undesirable alteration of the original shape of the root canal during instrumentation. By minimizing canal transportation, PathFile ensures a more conservative approach to shaping, preserving the natural anatomy of the tooth and optimizing treatment results.


  • Increased flexibility for better adaptation to curved canals
  • Resistance to cyclic fatigue for long-lasting performance
  • Reduced canal transportation, preserving natural tooth anatomy
  • Faster instrumentation time, improving efficiency
  • Suitable for a wide range of endodontic procedures
  • Enhanced precision and predictability in establishing a glide path
  • Minimizes the risk of iatrogenic damage during treatment
  • Provides consistent and reliable results throughout the procedure
  • Allows for smoother and more efficient shaping of root canals

Key Specifications:

Sizes: Taper 2%

  • PathFile 1 (violet) – 13
  • PathFile 2 (white) – 16
  • PathFile 3 (yellow) – 19


  • Pack of 6


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