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Dentsply Protaper Gold Rotary Files 31mm

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ProTaper Gold file’s visibly advanced metallurgy creates a difference you can see – and feel. That’s because ProTaper Gold rotary files feature the identical geometries as ProTaper Universal but offer an increase in flexibility. This is especially important in the finishing files, when navigating challenging curves in the apical region. The ProTaper Gold technology includes a series of “Shaping” and “Finishing” files that create the predictable ProTaper shape and a system proven by science and trusted by clinicians throughout the world.

ProTaper Gold Shaping Files are designed to be used with the same familiar brushing technique as ProTaper Universal shaping files.

ProTaper Gold Finishing Files are more flexible to the finish so you can shape and finish each canal with a complete system approach.


Trusted Performance

The PROTAPER GOLD technology includes a series of shaping and finishing files that create the predictable PROTAPER  shapes, and a system proven and trusted by clinicians throughout the world. PROTAPER GOLD shorter handles allow improved accessibility to the teeth.

Familiar Efficiency

The PROTAPER GOLD rotary files feature the same exact geometries as PROTAPER UNIVERSAL with flexibility increased by +24% on average and up to x2.6 greater resistance to cyclic fatigue on an F3 finishing file, reducing the risks of file separation.

A complete solution

The PROTAPER GOLD NiTi files are part of a comprehensive treatment solution: gutta-percha points, paper points and Thermafil are specifically provided along with PROTAPER GOLD files. Our variable tapered gutta-percha cones predictably fit canals shaped with PROTAPER GOLD and deliver warm gutta-percha 4+mm beyond the heat source.

Key Specifications:

  • Length: 31mm
  • Metallurgy: Advanced Metallurgy
  • Geometries: Identical to ProTaper Universal with increased flexibility
  • Handling Technique: Brushing technique similar to ProTaper Universal shaping files
  • Resistance to Cyclic Fatigue: Up to x2.6 greater resistance on F3 finishing file
  • Sterilization: Packaged pre-sterilized and fit for single-use


  • Pack of 6 files


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