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Dentsply Propex Pixi Apex Locator

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Dentsply ProPex Pixi Apex Locator developed by Dentsply Sirona & Maillefer, is an innovative electronic device designed for apex location during root canal treatment. Its primary purpose is to determine the precise working length of the root canal, promoting the standard of care in Endodontics and assisting clinicians in achieving more predictable endodontic outcomes. This compact and portable device provides several advantages. Firstly, it offers objective information with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring precise treatment planning. Additionally, it reduces the number of radiographs required, saving time and minimizing radiation exposure for both the patient and the clinician. By accurately determining the working length, the ProPex Pixi also reduces pain and discomfort experienced by the patient during the procedure. The small size of the ProPex Pixi allows for easy handling and minimal space occupation during treatment, storage, and transportation. This accessibility makes it suitable for every endodontic treatment, ensuring its usability in diverse clinical settings.

Propex Pixi is not recommended for use:

  • In patients who have a pacemaker or other implanted electrical devices, or have been cautioned by their physicians against the use of small electric appliances such as shavers, hairdryers, etc
  • In patients allergic to metal
  • In children


  • Provide objective information with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Reduces the number of radiographs which needs to be taken to minimize time.
  • Reduces pain and discomfort in the patient.
  • The small, pocket-sized device takes up minimal space during treatment, storage, and transportation, making it accessible for every endodontic treatment.
  • Helpful for detecting perforations.


  • Dentsply Propex Pixi Apex Locator is a device aimed at detecting the minor apical foramen based on the analysis of electrical properties of different tissues inside the root canal system.
  • It provides control and comfort with its multi-frequency apex locator technology working in dry and wet canals. It requires no calibration and zero adjustment. See it. Hear it.
  • The Propex Pixi features dual control by visually displaying the file progression in the root canal and a progressive sound control with 4 volume levels.
  • It is powered by a rechargeable battery thus eliminating the need for frequent battery replacement.

Key Specifications:

  • Accuracy: The device claims a high level of accuracy in apex location readings, with a reported accuracy rate of 97.7%. This accuracy helps in determining the precise working length of the root canal.
  • Radiograph Reduction: The ProPex Pixi helps reduce the number of radiographs required during root canal treatment. By providing accurate apex location information, it minimizes the need for additional X-rays, saving time and reducing radiation exposure for both the clinician and the patient.
  • Portable and Compact: The device is designed to be small and pocket-sized, making it highly portable and easy to handle during treatment. Its compact size also ensures minimal storage and transportation space requirements.
  • Pain and Discomfort Reduction: Accurate apex location determination by the ProPex Pixi helps reduce pain and discomfort experienced by the patient during root canal treatment. Precise measurements enable clinicians to perform the procedure with greater precision and efficiency.
  • Perforation Detection: The ProPex Pixi is helpful in detecting perforations, which are unintended communications between the root canal and surrounding structures. Early detection of perforations is crucial for successful treatment outcomes, and the device aids in identifying such complications.


  • 1 Pixi Apex Locator
  • 1 x Measuring wire
  • 1 x Connection hook
  • 2 x Lip clips
  • 1 x Charger
  • Instructional Manual


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