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Dentsply Palodent V3 Intro Kit Sectional Matrix System

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The Palodent V3 Section matrix System is an advanced sectional matrix system designed to deliver precise and reliable results in dental restorations. It offers a range of features and benefits that ensure accurate contacts and contours, even in challenging cases with wide cavities and missing cusps. One of the key components of the Palodent V3 system is its exceptionally stable nickel-titanium retaining rings. These rings securely hold the matrix bands in place, providing excellent stability during the restoration process. This stability is crucial for achieving precise and consistent outcomes. The system also includes anatomically shaped matrix bands, which are designed to replicate natural contours. These bands help create restorations that closely resemble the original tooth anatomy, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result. To enhance isolation and create a tight seal, Palodent V3 utilizes adaptive, self-guiding wedges. These wedges adapt to the shape of the preparation, guiding the matrix band into the correct position and preventing any unwanted leakage or contamination. The wedges also contribute to the overall stability of the system. With its integrated workflow, Palodent V3 optimizes the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of dental restorations. Dentists can confidently move through their procedures, even in complex cases, knowing that the system is designed to deliver consistent and reliable results. This not only saves time but also ensures patient comfort and satisfaction.


Accurate contacts

  • Poor contact creation can lead to fractures, food impaction, gingival inflammation, and recurrent caries.
  • The Palodent V3 nickel-titanium rings offer a consistent separation force on molars and premolars, securing the anatomically shaped Palodent V3 matrix against the preparation for a predictable and accurate contact, every time.

Tight seal

  • When using resin-based restoratives, isolation is essential for success.
  • The Palodent V3 ring works with the matrix and wedges to create a tight seal around the restorative field, allowing the clinician to confidently move forward into the procedure.

Increased efficiency

  • The Palodent V3 system components work together to seal and shape the restoration, minimizing flash and the required time spent finishing, as well as the chance of having to re-do the restoration due to a poor contact.
  • The system can be configured for multiple restorations at once, and the Wedge Guard provides added efficiency by protecting the adjacent tooth, allowing the clinician to prepare the cavity without worry.

Stress-free class II restorations

  • Use Palodent V3 in combination with SDR® (Smart Dentin Replacement) to simplify and optimize the class II restorative procedure.
  • Palodent V3 and SDR are the perfect partners for producing fast, optimal and stress-free class II restorations.

Key specifications:

Dentsply PALODENT V3 INTRO KIT Sectional Matrix System contains;

Wedges (3 sizes)

  • Compresses on entry and flares upon exit for easy placement and seal.
  • Hollow underside allows placement of the second wedge from the opposite side.


  • Locking function and angled grip arms hold the ring securely both mesially and distally.
  • Handy built-in grooves for resetting rings.

Pin Tweezers

  • Pin-in tip positively grips the hole in matrices, wedges and Wedge Guards for full control.
  • Naturally closed position minimizes the risk of dropping the matrix band, wedge or Wedge Guard.
  • Handy ball burnisher built into tip.

Universal Ring

  • Light Blue Colour
  • Nickel-titanium for outstanding spring strength, memory and consistent separation force.
  • Stackable for versatility.
  • Glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines are v-shaped to accommodate the wedge.

Narrow Ring

  • Dark Blue Colour
  • Same innovative features and benefits as the Universal Ring.
  • Tines set closer together for optimal separation of smaller teeth.
  • Up to 4kgs of separating force, even on premolars.

Matrices (5 sizes)

  • Pronounced marginal ridge for ideal anatomy.
  • Significantly greater curvature on the horizontal plane as the matrix wraps around the tooth.
  • Gingival apron is optimally shaped to significantly prevent gaps in the gingival-axial corner.

EZ Coat matrices (5 sizes)

  • The Palodent V3 EZ Coat matrices retain all the innovative features and benefits of Palodent V3 matrices but come with the added bonus of a micro-thin, non-stick finish that makes matrix removal even easier.
  • Greater matrix curvature that helps improve the anatomical accuracy of the restoration.
  • Five color-coded sizes as refills.

WedgeGuards (3 sizes)

  • Facilitates faster and easier cutting of cavities and lowers risk of interproximal damage to adjacent teeth.
  • Guard detached after preparation, leaving the wedge in place.


  • 100 x Matrices: 25 each size: 3.5 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.5 mm
  • 75 x Wedges: 25 each size: Small, Medium, Large
  • 30 x WedgeGuards: 10 each size: Small, Medium, Large
  • 1 x Universal Ring
  • 1 x Narrow Ring
  • 1 x Forcep
  • 1 x Pin Tweezer


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