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Dentsply Endo Access Bur

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Dentsply Endo Access Bur is a specialized endodontic bur designed specifically for preparing access cavities in endodontic procedures. Its unique design combines a round and cone-shaped coarse diamond, allowing for efficient access into the pulp chamber and preparation of the chamber walls in a single operation. The bur is equipped with a friction grip bur attachment, making it compatible with all modern dental handpieces. This ensures easy and secure placement and rotation of the bur during the procedure. The tip of the Dentsply Endo Access Bur is designed to match the sizes of round burs typically used for initial penetration. This facilitates the initial entry into the tooth structure with precision and control. The diamond shaft of the bur flares out gradually, enabling effective and efficient shaping of the pulp chamber walls. This allows for thorough cleaning, disinfection, and subsequent filling of the root canal system.


  • Friction grip bur attachment for secure placement in modern dental handpieces.
  • Designed for precise initial penetration with a tip that matches round bur sizes.
  • Gradual flaring diamond shaft for effective shaping of pulp chamber walls.
  • High-quality construction for reliable performance.
  • Facilitates optimal access cavity preparation for successful endodontic procedures.
  • Allows for thorough cleaning, disinfection, and subsequent treatment of the root canal system.
  • Enables efficient and effective removal of infected or damaged dental tissue.

Key specifications:

  • Length of Dentsply endo access bur – 21 mm
  • The cutting surface is 10 mm


  • 1 x Endo Access Bur



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