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Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty And Kit

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Dentsply Reprosil VPS Light Body Tubes are high-quality dental impression materials. With excellent flowability and hydrophilic properties, they capture fine details and ensure accurate impressions. Designed for precision impression techniques, they offer dimensional accuracy, tear strength, and resistance to permanent deformation.

Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty Regular Set, in a convenient 2x450ml size, is a reliable and versatile dental impression material. With excellent flexibility and high viscosity, it ensures easy removal from undercuts and optimal tray material for the double mix technique. Perfect for achieving precise and accurate impressions in various dental procedures.

Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty, combined with Reprosil Light Body, offers a powerful combination for dental impressions. The soft putty provides optimal flexibility and easy removal, while the light body delivers exceptional detail reproduction. Together, they ensure accurate and precise impressions for a wide range of dental procedures.


  • Very high viscosity: Aquasil Soft Putty exhibits a very high viscosity, ensuring excellent flow and stability during impression taking.
  • Optimum flexibility: The putty offers optimum flexibility, allowing for easy removal from undercuts without distortion or tearing.
  • Precision impressions: Aquasil Soft Putty enables the capture of precise impressions, ensuring accurate reproduction of oral structures and details.
  • Dimensional accuracy: The putty maintains dimensional accuracy, providing reliable and consistent results for prosthetic work.
  • Versatile application: It can be used as a tray material for the double mix technique, facilitating accurate and efficient impressions.
  • Two-step putty/wash technique: Aquasil Soft Putty is suitable for use as a primary impression material in the two-step putty/wash technique, providing versatility in impression procedures.
  • Hydrophilic properties: The putty is hydrophilic, meaning it has excellent wetting and flow characteristics, resulting in improved adaptation and detailed impressions.

Key Specifications:

APPLICATION Aquasil Aquasil
Soft Putty
Hard Putty
Aquasil® Ultra
Regular Set
Aquasil® Ultra
Fast Set
Mixing Time 0:30 0:30 n/a n/a
Total Time for Application2 1:30 1:15 2:15 1:15
Minimum Time in Mouth
3:00 2:00 2:45 1:45
Setting Time3 4:30 3:15 5:00 3:00


Soft Putty :

  • 1 x 450 ml Catalyst
  • 1 x 450 ml Base. 2 Spoons

Soft Putty With Reprosil Tube Light Body:

  • 1 x 450 ml Catalyst
  • 1 x 450 ml Base. 2 Spoons
  • 180ml tube package (Base – 90ml and Catalyst – 90ml).

Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty With Lv Tube Monophase:

  • 180ml tube package (Base – 90ml and Catalyst – 90ml).



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