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Dentogyl Alvogyl Paste 10gm Dry socket treatment Dental Material

Alveolex specially indicated as a physical barrier after teeth extraction for protection and tissue regeneration.

Once it acts as a moldable alveolar drain plug, forming a solid framework for the tissue regeneration.

Avoiding contamination of the bone walls.

The application is very simple, its paste consistency allows it to remain in a contact with alveolar walls for more time.

After placement, there are no requirement for any special attention from the practitioner, other than observation of the healing process.

In a period of 30 days, Alveolex will be eliminated from the alveolar cavity, as the normal healing process of the tissue are take place.

The presence of Propolis in the formula, helps it in regeneration and healing process. It is also play part of an analgesic that guarantees a calmer postoperative period for the patient.

The product contains Iodoform that works as a light antiseptic and assist’s the cell growth.

This lot contains one jar of 10gr.


DENGEN Dental Product


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