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Dengen Calcium Hydroxide Paste Intro Pack

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Dengen Dengocal LC is a cutting-edge light-cure liner formulated with calcium hydroxide paste, designed to provide optimal support for various dental applications. This versatile material combines the benefits of calcium hydroxide with the convenience of light-curing technology, offering practitioners a reliable solution for liner placement, pulp capping, and other restorative procedures.

Key Features:

  1. Calcium Hydroxide Formulation: Dengen Dengocal LC features a calcium hydroxide paste formulation, known for its bioactive properties. This promotes dentin remineralization and supports the overall health of the dental pulp.
  2. Light-Cure Technology: The incorporation of light-cure technology allows for quick and efficient curing of the liner. This feature enhances the convenience of the application, reducing procedure time while ensuring predictable results.
  3. Bioactivity for Pulp Vitality: The calcium hydroxide in Dengocal LC contributes to maintaining pulp vitality by promoting a bioactive environment. This is particularly beneficial for applications such as direct and indirect pulp capping.
  4. Flowable Consistency: Dengocal LC exhibits a flowable consistency, facilitating easy and precise placement within the prepared tooth structure. The material adapts well to cavity walls, promoting uniform coverage and optimal contact.
  5. Radiopacity for Visibility: The liner is radiopaque, providing excellent visibility on radiographs. This feature aids practitioners in assessing the placement accuracy and depth of Dengocal LC during restorative procedures.


  1. Bioactive Pulp Protection: Dengocal LC’s calcium hydroxide formulation supports dentin remineralization, creating a bioactive environment that contributes to pulp vitality. This benefit is crucial for applications involving direct or indirect pulp exposure.
  2. Time-Efficient Light Curing: The light-cure technology allows for efficient and rapid curing of Dengocal LC, reducing procedure time and promoting a streamlined workflow for practitioners.



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