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Coltene Whaledent Brilliant Ng Flow Syringes Refills

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Coltene Whaledent Brilliant NG Flow Syringes Refills redefine dental restorations with a cutting-edge nano-hybrid universal composite. Engineered for versatility, these syringes excel in direct, semidirect, and indirect applications, including veneers and inlays. The flowable consistency simplifies intricate procedures, ensuring effortless placement and adaptation. Ideal for both anterior and posterior regions, Brilliant NG Flow Syringes deliver exceptional aesthetics and durability. The dual-shade system, mirroring natural tissues, guarantees natural-looking results, while the nano-hybrid composition, featuring pre-polymerized particles, enhances handling characteristics, minimizes shrinkage, and ensures lasting performance. Dentists benefit from the time-efficient application, quick and easy polishing, and remarkable resistance to chewing forces. With optimal handling and outstanding aesthetic results, Coltene Whaledent Brilliant NG Flow Syringes Refills stand as a reliable choice for streamlined, high-quality dental restorations.

Nano-Hybrid Universal Composite:-  

  • Owing to its optimized particle distribution, Brilliant NG is indicated both for the anterior region with its high aesthetic demands such as polish and finish and for the posterior region with its extraordinary resistance to the forces of chewing and abrasion. Indications: direct, semidirect and indirect restorations (veneers or inlays).

Enamel and Dentine Shade Natural Layering Technique :

  • Both shades mimic the colour, opacity and fluorescence of natural tissues. Applied in two layers (dentine and enamel), they imitate the tooth’s internal structure and ensure lasting natural aesthetics.

Natural Fluorescence

  • The shades Dentine and Enamel provide different fluorescent characteristics based on the natural fluorescence of tissues to guarantee perfect aesthetics even under fluorescent or ultra-violet light.

Outstanding Handling Characteristics:-

  • The inclusion of nano-particles and pre-polymerised particles achieves an optimum particle size distribution. This is what makes Brilliant NG a product which is easy to manipulate and model, and which is not sticky.

Quickly and Easily Polished and Finished:-

  • Polishing and finishing Brilliant NG is easy and needs less clinical time. It brings extraordinary results to shine and durability



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