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Coltene Spec 3 LED Curing Light

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The Coltene Spec 3 LED Curing Light is an advanced dental equipment designed to expedite the polymerization process of light-cured materials used in dental procedures. Crafted from industrial-grade aluminum, this device is built for durability and efficient heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance. Dental professionals can rely on this curing light to significantly reduce polymerization time across a range of light-cured materials, resulting in excellent treatment outcomes.

This versatile device offers multiple curing modes, including 3K Mode, Standard Mode, and Ortho Mode, granting dental practitioners maximum functionality and flexibility in their procedures. The product is specifically indicated for both intra- and extra-oral polymerization of light-cured dental materials employing Camphorquinone (CQ) photoinitiators, with a wavelength output spanning 430 nm to 490 nm.

To maintain the device’s integrity, users must adhere to certain obligations, including training and compliance with relevant state or local regulations. The Spec 3 LED Curing Light also follows European directive 2002/96/EC, making it eco-friendly by facilitating the return and recycling of used electrical and electronic appliances.

For optimal operation, the device must be used in a dry environment, and precautions should be taken to prevent moisture damage. The provided power adapter and charger base operate within a voltage range of 100-240V, 50-60Hz, ensuring compatibility in various settings.

The Coltene Spec 3 LED Curing Light boasts user-friendly controls, with options for power adjustment, mode selection, and polymerization time settings. It also includes an auto-sleep feature to conserve power when not in use. Furthermore, sterilization can be easily achieved using FDA-cleared methods.

Multiple modes :

  • Standard Mode: Ideal for most composite curing scenarios.
  • 3K Mode: For rapid curing when time is an issue, like pedo or patients with gag reflex.
  • Ortho Mode: Cures an entire full arch of brackets with 2 three second intervals per bracket.

High Intensity

  • Standard Mode: 2mm Cure in 5 seconds
  • 3K Mode: 2mm cure in 1 second


  • 3 Distinct Power Modes
  • Ergonomic lightweight design
  • High intensity output for rapid polymerization
  • Intuitive and simple controls for ease of use

Key Specification:

Wavelength output : 430 nm – 490 nm

Power Supply :

  • Input: 100V – 240V AC / 50 ~ 60 Hz
  • Output: 6V DC, 2.5A

Dimensions :

  • Component – S.P.E.C. 3® Curing Light
  • Handpiece – 174.5 × 24.8 (mm)
  • Power Adapter – 47 × 87 × 32 (mm),
  • Charger Base – 136 × 86 × 60 (mm),
  • AC Power Cord – 1.3m
  • Intensity of irradiation Standard Mode: 1,600 mw / cm2 ± 10%
  • Intensity of irradiation Mode 3K and Ortho: 3,000-3,500 mw / cm2
  • 1 x LED curing light
  • 1 x Charger Base
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Instruction Guide
  • 1 x Eye Shield
  • 1 x Composite curing test block


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