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Coltene Hyflex Remover Retreatment Rotary Files

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Coltene Hyflex Remover Retreatment Rotary Files

The HyFlex Remover file has been specifically designed to remove the gutta-percha obturation material during non-surgical endodontic retreatment. As the essential device for retreatment, the HyFlex Remover file mechanically removes the guttapercha material from the root canal, without the use of solvent. After the guttapercha has been removed from the root canal, the practitioner may proceed with the canal re-shaping, with their usual instruments and shaping scheme. For best results, complete the procedure with HyFlex EDM shaping files.


  • One file to remove the root-filling material
  • Respect the root canal anatomy
  • Efficient without any solvent
  • Non-cutting tip
  • Minimally invasive 1mm wire


  • Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) Alloy Construction: The files are made from high-quality NiTi alloy, known for its flexibility, resistance to cyclic fatigue, and excellent cutting efficiency. This material allows the files to navigate the complex and curved root canal systems with ease.
  • Optimized Cross-Section Design: These rotary files typically feature a specific cross-sectional design optimized for efficient cutting and debris removal. The design helps enhance the overall cutting efficiency during retreatment.
  • Variety of Sizes: The Coltene HyFlex Remover files are available in various sizes, including different tapers and tip sizes. This variety allows dental professionals to select the most suitable file size for different tooth types and canal shapes.
  • Flexibility: NiTi alloy provides the files with flexibility, allowing them to adapt to the curvature of the root canal. This flexibility reduces the risk of instrument fracture and aids in the safe and efficient removal of root canal filling materials.
  • Enhanced Cutting Efficiency: These files are designed to provide enhanced cutting efficiency, making the removal of gutta-percha and sealer more efficient and precise. This feature is particularly important during retreatment procedures.
  • Minimized Risk of Transportation: Transportation refers to the unintended alteration of the original shape of the root canal. The design of these files helps minimize the risk of transportation or perforation of the root canal, preserving the integrity of the tooth’s root structure.
  • Safety During Retreatment: The flexibility and cutting efficiency of these files contribute to safe and effective retreatment procedures. Dental professionals can efficiently remove existing filling materials while minimizing the risk of complications.
  • Time Efficiency: The Coltene HyFlex Remover files can help reduce the time required for retreatment procedures, allowing dental professionals to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Compatibility: These files are designed for compatibility with standard endodontic handpieces and systems commonly used in dental practices.

Key Specification:

  • Material: Nickel-Titanium (NiTi)
  • Maximum Torque: 2.5
  • Speed Of Rotation: 400-800rpm


Coltene Hyflex Remover Retreatment Rotary Files Assorted (Pack of 3)

  • 1 x 19mm #30/07
  • 1 x 23mm #30/07
  • 1 x 17mm #25/09

Coltene Hyflex Remover Retreatment Rotary Files 19mm

  • 3 x 19mm #30/07

Coltene Hyflex Remover Retreatment Rotary Files 23mm

  • 3 x 23mm #30/07


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