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Coltene GuttaFlow 2 – 60026871

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The GuttaFlow2 , the advanced root canal filling system designed to simplify and enhance endodontic procedures. This specific variant, identified as GuttaFlow2 , offers all the remarkable features and benefits of the GuttaFlow2 system with additional specifications tailored to meet your specific needs.

GuttaFlow2 combines the convenience of a sealer and gutta-percha in one material, eliminating the need for multiple products during the root canal filling process. With a particle size of less than 30µm, this variant ensures precise and efficient application. Just like the standard GuttaFlow2 –  doesn’t require heat, preventing any potential shrinkage issues. It maintains its flow properties and exhibits exceptional expansion upon placement, resulting in a tight seal with the gutta-percha points and dentin walls.

The remarkable adhesion capabilities of GuttaFlow2 ensure a reliable and durable seal, minimizing the chances of bacterial colonization. It offers a thixotropic nature, allowing it to flow effortlessly into even the narrowest canals without the need for time-consuming condensation.

GuttaFlow2 prioritizes biocompatibility to ensure a favorable response from surrounding tissues. It has undergone extensive clinical studies, proving to be extremely biocompatible and safe for long-term use in terms of usability, GuttaFlow2 comes in a convenient syringe format, ready for immediate use. It eliminates the need for a triturator, saving valuable time and effort. With GuttaFlow2, you can expect a working time of 10-15 minutes, allowing for precise placement, and a curing time of 25-30 minutes, ensuring a reliable and stable root canal filling.


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