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Coltene Affinis Set (Addition Silicone)

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Coltene Affinis Set (Addition Silicone) a silicone-based dental impression material, encompasses the versatile AFFINIS putty super soft, renowned for its smooth consistency and suitability for one-step putty/wash techniques. Composed of polyvinylsiloxane, an addition-type silicone elastomer, this material is indicated for various purposes. In putty form, it excels in primary impressions using putty-wash techniques, acts as tray material for simultaneous mixing, and is adept for copper band impression techniques, as well as crafting study models, orthodontic models, and matrices. The light body variant serves as a wash material for putty-wash impressions, a syringe material for simultaneous mixing, and an impression material for relining. With a commendable biological compatibility, AFFINIS poses no known contraindications when used as directed. Careful attention is emphasized to prevent material residues in interdental spaces, sulci, and undercuts. Tray selection, based on technique and preference, is complemented by the recommended use of adhesive for optimal adhesion, ensuring precise and reliable dental impressions.



  • Primary impressions in putty-wash technique
  • Tray material for simultaneous mixing
  • Tray material for copper band impression technique
  • Impressions for study models, orthodontic models, matrices

Light Body:

  • Wash material for putty-wash impression technique
  • Syringe material for simultaneous mixing
  • Impression material for relining


  • Easy, quick, homogeneous mixing
  • Ideal firmness for a tray material
  • Excellent blend with wash material
  • Oil-Free Texture- dry to the touch
  • Time Saving (quick mix and fast set)

Key Specification:


  • Mixing time (15 ml): 30 secs
  • Time in the mouth (35°C/95°F): 2 mins


  • Polyvinylsiloxane, addition-tye silicone elastomer.


Coltene Affinis Light Body Cartridges (6501) :

  • 2 x 50 ml Cartridge
  • 12 mixing tips


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