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Cologenesis Colo Gide GTR Membrane Pack of 1 Pc

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The ColoGide is a resorbable, non-friable barrier membrane obtained from highly purified type-I collagen derived from specially controlled and certified animals and is highly purified to avoid any antigenicity.

The cologide is produced to provide an optimized degree of flexibility and rigidity combined with the most predictable resorptive process.

The product comprises two distinct surface textures on either side of the membrane-a dense surface and a roughened porous surface. The dense top layer is in contact With soft tissue to prevent epithelial down growth and the porous roughened surface is in contact with bone and favors bone ingrowth.


  • Periodontology- guided tissue regeneration procedure for infrabony defects.
  • Oral implantology-guided bone regeneration procedures for sinus graft procedures, ridge augmentation, and peri-implant defects.
  • Augmentation procedures- horizontal and vertical ridge augmentation or augmentation of the maxillary sinus.
  • Surgical root resection, cystectomy and other bone lesion.


The cologne should not be used in all contraindications customary to the use of bone grafts that can impair bone or wound healing including acute or chronic bone infection, uncontrolled diabetes, chronic high dose steroid therapy, vascular impairment at the implant site, metabolic bone disease, and alcohol are smoking abuse.

Storage:It should be stored in the original packaging in a cool dry place at room temperature.


  • Osteostimulation & Osteoconduction
  • 100% Synthetic Antimicrobial (transient, local)
  • Anti-Inflammatory (transient, local)
  • Room Temperature Storage


  • Sizes: 10X15mm


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