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Cerkamed Calcipast Calcium Hydroxide Paste (Radiopaque)

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Cerkamed Calcipast Calcium Hydroxide Paste (Radiopaque)

Cerkamed Calcipast Calcium Hydroxide Paste (Radiopaque) is a versatile dental product designed for temporary root canal filling. Comprising 16% calcium hydroxide, it boasts antibacterial and tissue-healing properties. Enriched with barium sulfate, it ensures easy X-ray visualization. Indicated for root canal treatment, it reduces inflammation, aids in tissue repair, and stimulates dentin regeneration. Its paste form allows precise placement during procedures. Calcipast promotes healing, exhibits radiopacity for enhanced visibility, and serves as an effective temporary filling material. With a pH of approximately 12.5, it supports remineralization and offers a drying effect. Whether for temporary root canal filling or deep cavity pulp capping, Calcipast is a reliable choice, aiding in dental tissue restoration and maintaining optimal treatment outcomes.


  • Calcium Hydroxide Composition: Contains 16% calcium hydroxide, renowned for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and tissue-healing properties in endodontics.
  • Radiopacity: Enriched with barium sulfate, ensuring excellent radiopacity for easy visualization on X-rays during dental procedures.
  • Versatile Indications: Recommended as a temporary root canal filling material, aiding in reducing inflammation, promoting tissue repair, and stimulating the regeneration of reparative dentin.
  • Paste Formulation: Easy-to-use paste consistency facilitates precise and controlled placement within the root canal system, ensuring optimal coverage and sealing during endodontic treatments.
  • Healing Promotion: Supports the restoration of damaged periapical tissues and fosters remineralization, contributing to overall dental tissue health and vitality.
  • pH Balance: With a pH of approximately 12.5, provides an alkaline environment conducive to tissue healing and dentin repair.
  • Non-Hardening Formula: Remains in a paste form without hardening, allowing for flexibility and adaptability within the root canal space.
  • Remineralizing Effect: Offers a remineralizing effect on dental tissues, contributing to the restoration of damaged structures and overall oral health.

Key Specification:

  • Indications: Temporary root canal filling, deep cavity pulp capping.
  • pH Level: Approximately 12.5.
  • Formulation: Non-hardening paste consistency.
  • Remineralization: Supports dental tissue restoration.
  • Radiopacity: Contains barium sulfate for clear X-ray visualization.


  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Hydroxyapatite
  • Barium Sulphate
  • Excipients


  • 4 x 2.1gm Syringe



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