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Bioclear TruContact Saw Kit

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Bioclear TruContact Saw Kit

The Bioclear TruContact Saw Kit is an essential component for optimizing contacts in dental restorations, especially when used alongside the Bioclear matrix system. Natural contacts often pose challenges during restoration procedures due to their tightness and roughness. The TruContact Saws and Sanders offer a solution by lightening the contact, making it easier to place mylar matrices for effective restoration.

This kit includes various tools designed for specific tasks:

  • The Orange ultra-thin single-sided saw is ideal for cutting into tight interproximal spaces and adjusting proximal contacts.
  • The Blue heavy single-sided saw is more robust and suitable for rigorous cutting and cleaning.
  • The Red double-sided, medium diamond, serrated strip helps reduce interproximal enamel on adjacent teeth.

An additional advantage of the TruContact tools is their ability to remove biofilm from the contact area, enhancing overall oral health. These tools are autoclavable up to 280 times, ensuring durability and hygiene in clinical settings.


  • Contouring Interproximal Contact Areas
  • Creating Ideal Contact Points
  • Precision Trimming
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Versatile Use


  • Contact Optimization: Essential for ensuring optimal contact in dental restorations.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with the Bioclear matrix system for enhanced results.
  • Comprehensive Tool Set: Includes a variety of tools tailored for specific tasks
  • Facilitates Placement: Helps lighten contacts to facilitate the placement of mylar matrices, improving procedural efficiency.
  • Biofilm Removal: Removes biofilm from contact areas, contributing to improved oral health outcomes.
  • Autoclavable: Can be autoclaved up to 280 times for durability and optimal hygiene maintenance.
  • Black Triangle Matrix Compatibility: Compatible with Black Triangle Matrices for efficient closure of black triangles in dental restorations.
  • Supports Bioclear Method: Enhances the effectiveness of the Bioclear method in restorative dentistry procedures.

Key specifications:


  • Red: 1 mm space
  • Orange: 1.5 mm space
  • Blue: 2.5 mm space


  • TrueContact Saws are reusable and autoclavable. Wash with soap and water using a soft brush to remove debris.
  • Autoclavable up to 280 times (steam heat only, not dry heat).


  • 1 x Orange Saw
  • 2 x Blue Saw
  • 1 x Red Saw



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