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Bioclear Blaster Dual Color Disclosing Solution

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Bioclear Blaster Dual Color Disclosing Solution revolutionizes dental care with its innovative approach to identifying oral health issues. Designed to uncover hidden cracks and biofilm, this solution offers a comprehensive method for clinicians to assess patients’ dental hygiene and restorative needs accurately. With its dual-color formula, this solution provides clear visual indicators: newer plaque and biofilm stains a vivid pink, while older biofilm and cracks, aged beyond 24 hours, appear as a distinctive purple hue. This dual-color system not only aids clinicians in pinpointing areas of concern but also facilitates patient education by visually demonstrating the urgency of addressing oral hygiene and restorative measures. By empowering clinicians with precise diagnostic capabilities, the Bioclear Blaster Dual Color Disclosing Solution enhances the quality of dental care, ensuring proactive management of oral health issues and fostering informed patient decisions. With its efficacy in revealing both recent and longstanding dental concerns, this solution stands as a cornerstone in promoting comprehensive oral hygiene and facilitating optimal patient outcomes.


  • Dual-color formula: Pink for new plaque, purple for older biofilm and cracks.
  • Quick staining: Reveals plaque and biofilm within minutes of application.
  • Enhances diagnosis: Provides clear visual indicators for accurate assessment.
  • Facilitates patient education: Clearly demonstrates oral hygiene and restorative needs.
  • Easy to use: Simple application process with disposable applicators or brushes.
  • Versatile: Suitable for use in clinics, dental offices, and professional settings.
  • Educational tool: Empowers clinicians to educate patients on proactive oral health management.

Key specifications:

  • Dual-Color Formula: Pink for new plaque, Purple for older biofilm
  • Application: Dental diagnostic solution
  • Staining Time: New plaque stains within minutes, Older biofilm and cracks stain within 24 hours
  • Purpose: Identify cracks and assess oral hygiene
  • Usage: Clinics, dental offices, professional settings


  • 1 x 59 ml bottle



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