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Bioclear Black Triangle BT Gauge

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Bioclear Black Triangle BT Gauge

The Bioclear Black Triangle BT Gauge is specifically designed for use with the new color-coded BT Matrices, enhancing the efficiency and simplicity of black triangle closures. By incorporating the gauge with the color-coded matrices, dental professionals can accurately select the appropriate curvature for each interdental space, streamlining the procedure and ensuring precise results. The gauge serves as a visual aid, facilitating quick and straightforward identification of the correct curvature corresponding to the color gradient on the matrices. This intuitive approach minimizes errors and reduces the likelihood of misselection, ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency of black triangle closure procedures. With its user-friendly design and compatibility with the color-coded matrices, the BT Gauge optimizes workflow and contributes to successful outcomes in black triangle closure treatments.


  • Management of Gingival Embrasures
  • Composite Restoration
  • Gingival Recontouring
  • Minimally Invasive Treatment
  • Enhanced Smile Aesthetics
  • Patient-Specific Solution


  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with the color-coded BT Matrices, ensuring seamless integration into black triangle closure procedures.
  • Color-Coded Reference: Facilitates quick and accurate selection of the appropriate curvature by matching with the color gradient on the BT Matrices.
  • Simplicity: Streamlines the black triangle closure process by providing a straightforward visual reference for curvature selection.
  • Efficiency: Enhances procedural efficiency by minimizing the time needed for curvature identification, ultimately optimizing workflow in dental practices.
  • Precision: Enables precise selection of curvature, reducing the risk of misselection and ensuring optimal adaptation to interdental spaces.
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive design makes the gauge easy to use for dental professionals of all skill levels, contributing to consistent and reliable results.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Contributes to improved workflow efficiency and treatment outcomes by simplifying the curvature selection process during black triangle closure procedures.

Key specifications:

  • Autoclavable: Sterilize using steam sterilizers only on the regular cycle

Note: The temperature of the sterilizer should NOT exceed 270° F/132° C


  • 1 x Black Triangle BT Gauge



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