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Bioclear Black Triangle Anterior Matrices – Refills Pack of 20

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Bioclear Black Triangle Anterior Matrices – Refills Pack of 20

The Bioclear Black Triangle Anterior Matrices are a revolutionary solution for closing black triangles efficiently and effectively. Specifically designed to address black triangle treatment, these matrices eliminate the need for trimming before seating, streamlining the restoration process. With a color-coded gauge and matrices, selecting the appropriate curvature for gingival embrasure closure is straightforward and precise. The color indicators on the matrices align with the gauge, facilitating easy identification of the correct curvature to use. Available in two sizes (large incisor and small incisor) and four curvatures, these matrices cater to various clinical needs, ensuring comprehensive treatment across the anterior sextant, from canine to canine. Their innovative design and ease of use result in aesthetically pleasing outcomes, providing patients with both functional and visually appealing restorations. With the Bioclear Black Triangle Anterior Matrices, clinicians can achieve superior results in black triangle closure procedures, enhancing patient satisfaction and confidence in their smiles.

  • Small Incisor BT Matrix Tub: For mandibular incisors and small maxillary lateral incisors
  • Large Incisor BT Matrix Tub: Are taller and wrap the tooth more than the Small Incisor BT Matrices. They should be used for maxillary central Incisors, large maxillary lateral incisors, maxillary and mandibular canines, and maxillary and mandibular bicuspids.


  • Management of Black Triangles
  • Direct Composite Restoration
  • Gingival Recontouring
  • Minimally Invasive Treatment
  • Enhanced Smile Aesthetics
  • Customizable Solutions


  • Custom Design: Specifically engineered for black triangle treatment, eliminating the need for pre-trimming before seating.
  • Color-Coded Gauge: Simplifies curvature selection for gingival embrasure closure, ensuring precise and predictable placement.
  • Size Variety: Available in two sizes (large incisor and small incisor) to accommodate varying anterior tooth anatomy and black triangle dimensions.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Four curvature options allow for effective treatment of the entire anterior sextant, including canine to canine, for aesthetically pleasing results.
  • Strong Aesthetic Results: Designed to deliver strong yet aesthetically pleasing outcomes by providing optimal closure of black triangles.
  • Ease of Use: Streamlined design and color-coding system make the matrices easy to select and apply, enhancing clinical efficiency.
  • Refill Pack: Comes in a convenient refill pack containing 20 matrices, ensuring an ample supply for ongoing clinical use.
  • Bioclear Quality: Manufactured by Bioclear, a trusted name in dental innovation, ensuring high-quality materials and performance.

Key specifications:

Matrices Size:

  • Small Incisor
  • Large Incisor

Using paired matrices, curvature (indicated by color) closes spaces up to:

  • Pink: 1 mm space


  • Pack of 20 Matrices



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