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Angelus Interlig Single Patient Strip

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Angelus Interlig – Braided glass fiber impregnated with light-cured composite resin

Interlig is a reinforced composite material with glass fibers, for use in the clinic, with a range of applications: temporary periodontal or orthodontic immobilization, for emergency treatment of teeth lost due to periodontitis, pre-surgical splinting, for the reinforcement structure of fi xed prosthesis, either mediate or immediate, for making intraradicular cores, for space retaining in primary or permanent dentition, for reinforcement of acrylic structure (provisional, total prostheses), for reinforcement of large restorations of composite resin.

Interlig glass fibers are intertwined, which facilitates the use by the dentist. Their maleability is superior than that of the polyethylene fibers.

Interlig can be cut with any cutting instrument, and does not require special equipment. The glass fibers  are impregnated with light-cured composite resin, and for this reason, no other type of adhesive or resin is needed to impregnate them. Pre-impregnation facilitates handling and improves bonding between the glass fibers and the composite resin.

The fibers are pre-impregnated with an unfilled resin matrix, using an immersion process with controlled time and temperature, in order to guarantee complete absorption and, consequently, guaranteeing the better mechanical performance of the product.

Indications :

  • Splinting in Periodontics, Orthodontics, and of avulsed or extracted
  • Reinforcement of resin-retained fixed bridges (with natural or artificial teeth) and temporarily fixed bridges made directly (in the dental office) or indirectly (in the lab)
  • Reinforcement and repair of acrylic resin
  • Fabrication of space retainers in pediatric dentistry
  • Reinforcement of large restorations.


Aesthetics: the translucency of Interlig® fibers and of the resin matrix provides high
aesthetic resolution;

Strength: the structural composition of Interlig® fibers and their preparation for dental
use ensure their high resistance to bending, ensuring their indication for a wide range
of clinical situations;

Versatility of use: Interlig width can be adapted for use in various clinical activities;

Excellent bonding to composite resin: the pretreatment of the Interlig® fibers allows
for perfect adhesion to resins in use in the clinic;

Convenience of use: does not require special tools for cutting and comes already
impregnated with resin;

Reversible and minimally invasive technique: due to its adhesion to the adhesive and
resin systems, work done with Interlig® does not require invasion of the tooth structure;

Time-saving: work with Interlig can be performed directly in the mouth, allowing for
its completion in one session;

Low cost: compared to traditional techniques, using Interlig® allows you to perform
more attractive and durable work, with a better cost-benefit ratio;

Packaging in sachets: Interlig comes wrapped in special sachets providing easy
handling and protection of the fibers against the action of light and heat.

Key specifications:

  • Fiber structure: Intertwined scaffold
  • Optical:  Translucent
  • Thickness: 0.2 mm
  • Width: 2 mm
  • Length: 8.5 cm
  • Polymerization time : 20 sec. per segment

Composition :

  • Glass fibers (weight) – 60 ± 5%.
  • Impregnated resin (weight) 40 ± 5%: Bis-GMA
  • Diurethane
  • Barium glass
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Catalysts


  • 1 x Fiber (8.5 cm long)



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