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Ammdent Ostoden Bone Graft Material 0.5cc

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Ammdent Ostoden Bone Graft Material 0.5cc is a meticulously crafted synthetic calcium phosphate-based bone graft device tailored for orthopedic and dental reconstructive procedures. This advanced solution is specifically engineered to address bone defects resulting from injury or degenerative diseases, offering versatile applications in various clinical scenarios. It effectively maintains and restores the bony alveolar ridge post-extraction, augments ridges, and facilitates maxillary sinus augmentation. Furthermore, it aids in repairing periodontal bone defects and bone voids caused by surgical interventions like apicoectomies or tumor removals. Ammdent Ostoden promotes enhanced wound healing, facilitates bone formation, and acts as a mineral reservoir to induce new bone growth. Its bioresorbable nature ensures safe integration without triggering antigen-antibody reactions. With its sterile single-use packaging and adherence to expiration dates, Ammdent Ostoden Bone Graft Material 0.5cc stands as a reliable choice for clinicians seeking effective bone graft substitutes for diverse orthopedic and dental applications.


  • It offers us the chance to preserve the shape and strength of the bony ridge long after the tooth is gone.
  • Increases the possibility of implant, bridge, denture, or partial placement in the future.
  • Avoids the shrinkage in the mouth’s height and width over time.
  • Avoids the possibility of narrow, short, and fragile jaw structure.


  • Synthetic calcium phosphate-based composition
  • 0.5cc volume for precise application
  • Versatile indications for various bone defects
  • Promotes bone formation and wound healing
  • Bioresorbable with no antigen-antibody reaction
  • Single-use packaging ensures sterility
  • Clear expiration date for safety

Key Specification:

  • Composition: Synthetic calcium phosphate-based
  • Volume: 0.5cc


  • Do not resterilize. do not use any component from an opened or damaged package.
  • Do not use implants after the expiration date.


Ammdent Ostoden Bone Graft Material 0.5cc (Pack Of 1)

  • 1 x 0.5cc Ostoden ( Yellow)

Ammdent Ostoden Bone Graft Material 0.5cc (Pack Of 2)

  • 2 x 0.5cc Ostoden (Green)


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