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Ammdent Orthodontic Adhesive Kit

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The Ammdent Orthodontic Adhesive Kit offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and reliable cementation of orthodontic brackets. Formulated with a precise composition including crystalline and fumed silicon dioxide, Bisg-ma, stabilizers, and photo initiators, this kit ensures strong and durable bonds between brackets and enamel surfaces. The step-by-step instructions guide users through tooth preparation, ensuring optimal adhesion conditions. Prophying and isolation techniques maintain cleanliness and facilitate effective etching. The primer and adhesive paste application processes are streamlined, promoting ease of use and precision in bracket placement. The kit’s adhesive activation mechanism, utilizing a curing lamp, allows for ample time for bracket positioning before securing the composite adhesive with a strong chemical bond. With provisions for bracket removal, the kit ensures safe and efficient debonding procedures, maintaining enamel integrity. The Ammdent Orthodontic Adhesive Kit is a trusted resource for orthodontic professionals seeking reliable and convenient solutions for bracket cementation and removal, ensuring patient comfort and treatment efficacy.


  • Bonds Metal & Ceramic brackets to tooth surface
  • For cementation of molar bands
  • Advanced composition for strong bonds
  • Detailed tooth preparation instructions
  • Convenient disposable primer brushes
  • Precise bracket positioning
  • Efficient 90-second curing with lamp
  • Gentle bracket removal with ligature cutter
  • Comprehensive kit for complete bonding process

Key Specifications:

  • Composition: Crystalline and fumed silicon dioxide, Bisg-ma stabilizer, Photo initiators
  • Application:Cementation of orthodontic brackets
  • Tooth Preparation: Prophy with plain pumice, Etching solution application, Thorough rinsing
  • Bracket Placement: Thin primer coat, 45 seconds conditioning for plastic brackets, 90-second curing with lamp
  • Bracket Removal: Ligature cutter usage, Slow peeling to avoid shearing, Polishing with pumice after removal
  • Time Efficiency:5-minute check for loose bonds after bracket placement


  • 1 x 5gm Adhesive Tube
  • 1 x 3ml Etching bottle
  • 1 x 3gm Bonding Agent
  • 10 x Plastic Applicator Brushes
  • 1 x Handle for applicator brushes
  • 1 x Mixing Pad


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