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Ammdent GI Core GIC

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Ammdent GI Core Glass Ionomer Cement is a versatile dental material designed for effective restorative procedures. With its superior chemical adhesion to enamel and dentine, this radiopaque cement ensures durable and long-lasting dental restorations. It is ideal for a range of applications including the restoration of deciduous teeth, repair of V-shaped defects, enamel, and root erosions, filling cavities with carious lesions, and small fillings of Class III and Class I. The liquid component features a secure lock against the pipette and should be shaken well before use. Mixing the powder and liquid components is simple, with a recommended ratio of 4.7-5.6g of powder to 1g of liquid. The cement sets within 5-6 minutes post-application and can be contoured and polished for optimal results. Precautions include using pulp protection and maintaining dry working conditions. Ammdent GI Core Glass Ionomer Cement provides dentists with a reliable solution for various restorative dental procedures, ensuring quality outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Fields of Application:

  • Restoration of Deciduous Teeth: Particularly useful for Class I restorations in deciduous teeth.
  • Repair of V-shaped defects, Enamel, and Root Erosions: Ideal for addressing V-shaped defects, enamel repairs, and root erosions in the cervical area, including Class V fillings.
  • Cavities with Carious Lesions: Suitable for filling cavities with carious lesions.
  • Class III and Small Class I Fillings: Effective for Class III and small Class I fillings, including extended fissure sealing. Also used for core build-up, fillings for crowns, and linings.


  • Chemical Adhesion: Strong bonding to tooth structure for reliable adhesion.
  • Minimal Cavity Preparation: Allows for conservative tooth preparation without the need for additional etching or bonding agents.
  • Single-Step Placement: Chemical setting without shrinkage enables efficient, one-step placement.
  • Thermal Compatibility: Exhibits a thermal expansion coefficient similar to tooth structure, reducing stress on the marginal seal.
  • High Strength: Boasts high compressive and flexural strength for durable restorations.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various dental applications, including deciduous teeth, V-shaped defects, and class-III fillings.
  • Simplified Procedure: Offers a straightforward application process, streamlining dental restorations.
  • Marginal Seal Integrity: Minimizes stress on the marginal seal, promoting long-term stability.
  • Tooth-Colored Aesthetics: Provides a natural appearance for aesthetically pleasing restorations.
  • Fluoride Release: Potential contribution to dental health through the release of fluoride.

Key Specifications:

  • Adhesion: Chemical adhesion to enamel and dentine
  • Radiopacity: Radiopaque for clear visibility during procedures
  • Mixing Ratio: 4.7-5.6g of powder to 1g of liquid
  • Working Time: 2-3 minutes after mixing
  • Setting Time: 5-6 minutes after application
  • Application: Restoration of deciduous teeth, repair of V-shaped defects, cavities, etc.
  • Composition: Fluorosilicate glass, polyacrylic acid, PHB-Ester


  • 1 x 10gm Powder
  • 1 x 6gm Liquid
  • Mixing Pad


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