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Ammdent Easy Stat Hemostatic Gel

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Ammdent Easy Stat is a specialized dental product formulated to aid in gingival retraction techniques, crucial for achieving accurate impressions and facilitating dental procedures such as cementation. Composed of a precise blend of ferric sulfate, solvents, and resins, this innovative gel is designed to efficiently expose gingival terminations with ease and precision. The application of Ammdent Easy Stat is straightforward and effective. When combined with a retractor cord, it works seamlessly to retract the gingiva, allowing for optimal visibility and access during dental procedures. By effectively inhibiting secular fluid, it ensures a clear field for impression-taking and cementation, promoting the seamless execution of dental restorative work.

To utilize Ammdent Easy Stat, simply apply the gel directly to the targeted area using the included tube. The gel adheres to the site, ensuring sustained contact and efficacy. Gentle manipulation with a cotton pellet and, if necessary, a smooth air/water spray helps eliminate any potential coagulates, ensuring a clear and unobstructed field. Inserting the retractor cord into the prepared gingival space with precision is facilitated by the use of an appropriate instrument. Once in place, a brief rinse with a firm air/spray further enhances the effectiveness of the retraction process. Within minutes, the gingiva retracts sufficiently, allowing for the easy removal of the cord prior to impression-making or denture cementation, streamlining the dental workflow and enhancing patient comfort.


  • As a medicament in Pulpotomy: Used as a pulpotomy medicament to control pulpal bleeding in vital pulp therapy
  • As an antibacterial agent: It not only exhibites hemostatic action but also has antimicrobial activity. Antibacterial efficacy of it is similar to 0.2% chlorhexidine.
  • During restorative procedures: One of the most common chemical hemostatic reagents used in the restorative dentistry.
  • For gingival displacement in prosthodontics: It can be used for tissue displacement along with retraction cord while recording impression.
  • Management of postextraction hemorrhage: Not widely used to control postextraction hemorrhage; however, it may offer assistance with mucosal tears or uncontrolled postextraction hemorrhage in gingival tissues
  • As hemostatic agent used in periradicular and endodontic surgery: Control of bleeding during any surgical procedure is imperative and can be achieved by practical and effective systemic or topical approaches.


  • Ferric sulfate, solvents, and resins composition
  • Facilitates gingival retraction and impression-taking
  • Inhibits secular fluid for clear procedures
  • Direct application with easy adherence
  • Simplifies retractor cord insertion process
  • Quick and effective gingival retraction
  • Convenient 3ml tube with accessories
  • Long shelf life for extended usability

Key Specifications:

  • Composition: Ferric sulfate, solvents, and resins
  • Application: Gingival retraction technique, Impression facilitation, Cementation proceedings
  • Storage: Keep syringe tightly closed
  • Shelf Life: Use before expiry date indicated


  • 1 x 3 ml Syringe


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