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Ammdent D-Sense Desensitizing Gel

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Ammdent D-Sense Desensitizing Gel provides advanced relief for sensitive teeth, offering effective treatment and protection against discomfort. Each tube contains six doses of 3ml gel, with approximately 0.5ml per tray application. Apply evenly to each tooth compartment, ensuring coverage. Seat the tray over teeth without pushing out excess gel. After treatment, remove tray and rinse thoroughly. Precautions include refraining from smoking, eating, or exposing the tube to heat or sunlight. Do not freeze the tube. Not for use during pregnancy. Contents include 2 tubes with applicator tips. Follow your dentist’s instructions for treatment duration. Ammdent D-Sense Gel offers a convenient solution for sensitive teeth, promoting oral health and comfort with ease.


  • For dentinal hypersensitivity


  • Advanced relief for tooth sensitivity
  • Six treatment doses per tube
  • Easy application with applicator tips
  • Gel volume: 3ml per dose
  • Effective coverage in tooth compartments
  • Precautions against smoking and heat
  • Convenient storage and usage instructions

Key Specifications:

  • Composition: 1.1% Natural Sodium fluoride
  • Treatment Doses per Tube: 6 doses
  • Gel Volume per Dose: 3ml
  • Gel Usage per Tray: Approximately 0.5ml


  • 2 x 3 ml Syringe


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