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Ammdent Cito Cid

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Ammdent Cito Cid is a specialized root canal cleanser designed to enhance the sealing of root canal walls before obturation. With a composition containing 10% citric acid, this slightly thickened solution is easily identifiable by its subtle orange tint and is conveniently packaged in a 10ml tube.

To use Ammdent Cito Cid effectively, ensure that the applicator Tip is positioned loosely within the canal, maintaining a distance of at least 2mm short of the terminus. Gently dispense the solution using the applicator Tip, allowing it to flow along the canal walls. Employ a gentle up-and-down motion to agitate and brush the solution against the walls, aiding in the dissolution and removal of calcium hydroxide. It’s crucial to avoid forcefully expressing the solution when the cannula tip is fully extended or tightly against the canal walls.

Following the application of Ammdent Cito Cid, thoroughly flush the canal with clean, bacteria-free water. Subsequently, perform copious irrigation using sodium hypochlorite. If Ammdent Cito Cid is used to remove the smear layer instead of EDTA liquid, allow the solution to dwell in the canal for 3 minutes. Conclude the procedure with a final rinse using clean, bacteria-free water, plain EDTA, or a local anesthetic solution. For the efficient removal of residual solution or other irrigants, consider utilizing a Luer Vacuum Adapter with a Capillary Tip or a 10mm Micro Capillary Tip. Ensure thorough drying of the canal using Paper Points. Finally, proceed with the fitting of the master cone and obturation using Endoflux or Resinoseal root canal sealers, along with coated gutta-percha points and specially designed delivery systems.



  • 10% citric acid solution
  • Slightly thickened for easy application
  • Tinted orange for identification
  • Convenient 10ml tube packaging
  • Applicator tip for precise delivery
  • Gentle agitation for thorough cleaning
  • Compatible with sodium hypochlorite irrigation

Key specification:

  • Composition: 10% Citric Acid Solution
  • Appearance: Slightly Thickened, Water-Soluble Solution
  • Color: Subtle Orange Tint
  • Application Method: Dispensed with Applicator Tip
  • Agitation Technique: Up-and-Down Motion to Brush Solution
  • Recommended Rinse: Clean, Bacteria-Free Water
  • Additional Irrigant: Sodium Hypochlorite


  • 1 x 10ml Syringe


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