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Ammdent Calform RC

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AMMDENT Calform RC is a versatile dental product designed to address various dental procedures and conditions with efficiency and efficacy. Comprising Calcium Hydroxide, Iodoform, and Barium Sulphate, along with excipients, Calform RC is formulated as a temporary filling material for root canals, offering a comprehensive solution for dental care.

This specialized compound serves multiple purposes in dental applications. When applied to exposed pulp in pulp capping and pulpotomy procedures, as well as in cases of leaking canals and external resorption treatment, Calform RC provides a reliable barrier and promotes healing. Its unique composition, enriched with Calcium Hydroxide, stimulates the formation of secondary dentine upon contact with the pulp, facilitating the restoration of dental integrity.

One of the distinctive features of Calform RC lies in its high pH level, which not only exhibits bactericidal properties but also acts as a neutralizing agent against acidic substances found in cements and the oral environment. This pH balance ensures a conducive environment for dental healing and helps in maintaining oral health


  • Stimulates secondary dentine formation
  • Exhibits bactericidal properties
  • Neutralizes acidic substances effectively
  • Easy application with provided tips
  • Syringe packaging for convenient use
  • Long shelf life for extended storage
  • Maintains dental integrity during root canal

Key specifications:

  • Composition: Calcium Hydroxide, Iodoform, Barium Sulphate, Excipients
  • Intended Use: Temporary filling material for root canals, pulp capping, pulpotomy, leaking canals, external resorption treatment, apexification
  • Mechanism of Action: Stimulates formation of secondary dentine, exhibits bactericidal properties, neutralizes acidic substances
  • pH Level: High pH for neutralizing acidic substances in cements and oral environment
  • Application Method: Can be applied with rotary paste fillers or provided tips
  • Storage: Store in a cool place; keep caps closed to prevent drying and phase separation
  • Shelf Life: Check expiration date; discard expired product


  • 1 x 4 gm (2.5 ml syringe)


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