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3m Espe Relyx U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

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The 3M ESPE RelyX U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement is a high-performance dental cement designed for easy and reliable permanent cementation of various restorations, offering excellent bond strength on different substrates like ceramics, composites, and metals. Its unique dual-cure formulation not only ensures a secure bond but also minimizes post-operative sensitivities and handles moisture exceptionally well, contributing to its lasting stability and robust mechanical properties.

Featuring the innovative Clicker™ delivery system, the cement provides effortless mixing and application. This system allows for flexible dosing and simultaneous application of both base and catalyst pastes, reducing material wastage and enhancing efficiency. The cement’s chemistry builds upon a proven foundation, utilizing a phosphoric acid methacrylate adhesion monomer and specialized fillers that enable strong adhesion and offer a distinct neutralization behavior.

The cement’s mechanical prowess is impressive, boasting high flexural and compressive strength, as well as a notable modulus of elasticity and surface hardness. Notably, its color stability and resistance to discoloration contribute to the restoration’s overall esthetic appeal. In comparison to traditional multi-step resin cements, the self-adhesive mechanism of RelyX U200 streamlines the bonding process, offering both simplicity and outstanding performance.

RelyX™ U200 is expertly formulated to cater to a wide range of dental applications. It is ideal for the permanent cementation of various restorations, including all-ceramic, composite, or metal inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges. It’s also suitable for posts, screws, 2- or 3-unit Maryland bridges, 3-unit inlay/onlay bridges, and restorations to implant abutments.

Experience the following advantages with RelyX™ U200:

  1. Time-saving: Say goodbye to etching, priming, or bonding steps. RelyX™ U200 eliminates the need for these processes, streamlining your workflow.
  2. Virtually no post-operative sensitivity: Patients’ comfort is a priority. RelyX™ U200 minimizes post-operative sensitivity for a smoother recovery.
  3. Easy removal of excess: Enjoy hassle-free cleanup with the easy removal of excess material after application.
  4. Optimal consistency: RelyX™ U200 boasts a consistent and easy-to-use formula, ensuring reliable and predictable outcomes.
  5. Strong and moisture-tolerant: This resin cement demonstrates remarkable strength and tolerance to moisture, enhancing the longevity of restorations.


  • Comfortable and easy delivery in automix syringe
  • Comfortable handling
  • Optimal consistency for dispensing and seating
  • Flexible dosing
  • Time-saving
  • A great choice of tips allows always easy application of paste directly into the cavity
  • Low risk of air bubbles and voids
  • Simple and time-saving one-step solution.
  • Only a few working steps required
  • No pre-treatment such as etching, priming or bonding necessary
  • High-performing self-adhesive resin cement.
  • RelyX™ U200 Cement is strong where it counts and offers high adhesion, resistance to discolouration, long-term stability and almost no post-operative sensitivities.
  • Its exceptionally simple handling, dispensing, treatment and overall working conditions makes this cement a favourite for dentists who are counting on uncompromising quality.


  • RelyX™ U200 Cement is strong where it counts and combines the key factors for clinical success:

High colour stability for natural aesthetics.

  • Patients will enjoy the high colour stability of RelyX™ U200 cement. Compared to other leading products, it clearly shows the least amount of discolouration after 3 days in a coffee solution.

Proven long-term stability – due to unique material characteristics.

  • RelyX™ U200 is acidic and hydrophilic upon application and becomes neutral and hydrophobic after setting. Therefore, it is better able to resist water uptake and remains more stable over time. The results of thermocycling stress tests on self-adhesive resin cements show that RelyX™ U200 cement remains intact, while others show obvious cracking.

Excellent bond strength.

  • You can rely on the performance of RelyX™ U200 more than ever: compared to other self-adhesive resin cements, RelyX™ U200 shows the best adhesion – on both dentine and enamel. Patients will benefit from a long-lasting and secure restoration.

Key specifications:



  • Methacrylate monomers containing phosphoric acid groups
  • Methacrylate Monomers
  • Silanated Fillers
  • Initiator Components
  • Stabilizers
  • Rheological Additives


  • Methacrylate Monomers
  • Alkaline (basic) Fillers
  • Silanated Fillers
  • Initiator Components
  • Stabilizers
  • Rheological Additives
  • Pigments

Mixing time – 20 sec

Setting time – 6 min/ light cure each surface of the tooth for 20 sec


3m Espe Relyx U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement – Translucent (Clicker Dispenser)

  • 1 x 11g Clicker Dispenser (Translucent)
  • 1 x Mixing Pad

3M RelyX U200 Automix Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

  • 1 x 8.5g Automix Base/ Catalyst (Translucent)
  • 10 x Automix (Regular)
  • 5 x Automix (Wide)
  • 5 x  Endo Tips



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